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Out-of-District School Attendance and Transportation application available for 2017-18
-This form must be signed and resubmitted every year

K.S.A. 72-1046b allows a parent that resides 2.5 or more miles from the attendance center their child(ren) would attend to apply for attendance and transportation at another district.

1. This application is given to the board of the receiving school district, requesting to be furnished transportation as a non-resident pupil.

2. If the receiving board agrees to furnish transportation, it will be provided until the end of the school year.

3. Prior to providing transportation, the receiving district should provide a copy of the application to the school district of residence.

4. This application must be resubmitted every year and must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.

The application form for school year 2017-2018 is now available to use at kindergarten roundup, and to have parents renew their application for the upcoming school year. Download a fillable PDF form from the School Bus Safety homepage. Select: Application for Out-of-District School Attendance and Transportation (app - pdf) or Out-of-District School Attendance and Transportation (App - Word).

NOTE: This statute excludes school districts with territory in Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee, or Wyandotte counties.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

This week’s events.

Mon Jan 23

1:00 PM   Admin Weekly Briefing – Central office

Tue Jan 24

1:00 pm   RHSCC Bi-State Emergency Preparedness meeting, KCMO – I will depart around 11:15 am / ret 3:15 (see links to notes and agendas in the left sidebar)

3:30 pm   District Office Staff Meeting, Central Office Boardroom

Wed Jan 25

2:00 pm   District Maintenance Dept Monthly Safety Meeting, Central Office Boardroom

3:45 pm   KESA District Leadership Team Meeting, Central Office Boardroom

Thu Jan 26

5:30 pm   ACCHS WR at Holton

Fri Jan 27

6:00 pm   ACCHS GBB @ JCN Tourney

Sat Jan 28

9:30 am   ACCHS VR WR @ Junction City

TBD         ACCHS VR GBB @ JCN Tourney



  • Board of Education Appreciation Month - Mr. Wiseman recognized the Board for their leadership in public education and continuing service to the children of our community.


  • NWEA MAP - Mr. Snyder presented on the recommendation to purchase NWEA MAP as the District’s Data Point #2 assessment tool. A brief update on how we plan to incorporate this into the spring testing cycle will be provided during the afternoon of the January 16 inservice


4.01      Minutes from December 12, 2016

4.02      Activity Reports, Bills & Claims and a revised Treasurer’s Report

4.03      Gifts & Grants

  • $200 from Paul Courter for delinquent middle school lunch accounts

  • $60.23 from the AJ Rice Estate for nurse/health supplies

  • OPAA to ACCES - Beverages and 10oz bottles of water

  • OPAA to ACCHS - Beverages, cinnamon rolls

  • OPAA to CO - Cinnamon rolls

  • KSDE Food Service Equipment Assistance Grant from KSDE for two convection ovens for the High School kitchen, total value $10,469.82

4.04      Keystone Correspondences

4.0401 Keystone Superintendents’ Council Agenda for 01/10/2017

4.0402 Keystone BOD Minutes from 12/14/2016 (unofficial)

4.05     Lifetouch Portrait Contracts for 2017-2018.

4.06 Non-resident applications for membership

  • Aydriannah Price - currently attending, but recently moved out of district

  • Kamerin Keil - currently attending, but recently moved out of district

4.07 Approval of Fundraiser requests

  • ACCHS National Honor Society fundraiser – Donkey Basketball, March 16 at the JSH. Funds will be used for National Honor Society supplies for induction ceremony, and to have the ability to give back to the community.

  • ACCHS Drama Club Free-will donation dessert bar at intermission of the play performances; parents provide desserts and man the table at intermission (March 21, April 1-2)


4.08    Correspondences


Additional Consent Items approved

C-A.    â€‹Placement of two BC student teachers for the upcoming semester at the JSH

Mrs. Scherer is recommending the board approve a request from Benedictine College to place two student teachers in our JSH this spring.  Both of these potential student teachers have done field placements and observation in the past here at ACCJSH.  The two students and their requested placements are:

  • Michael Mueller – English

  • Sebastian Calvino – Social Studies


C-B.    Acceptance of the Keystone Parents as Teachers 1st Semester Report



Mrs. Gracey, Board Clerk

  • Health Insurance Summary Report

    • Current year health insurance costs - $840,529.70

    • FY18 estimated health insurance costs - $892,809.96

      • $52,280.26 increase or 6.22%

    • Current participation rate - 87%

Mr. Snyder


Mr. Wallisch

  • Uniform Rotation 2015-2020 report

  • Uniform Rotation 2020-2025 report

  • Reported on last Friday night’s reunion of the 2007 Girls Basketball team that finished 3rd in Class 3A

  • Reported that IMAC is closing its doors, which may present an opportunity for the high school to be admitted into the NEKL.


Mrs. McMillan - January Report

Mrs. Scherer – January Report

Mr. Wiseman, Superintendent’s Report

  • Negotiations Training Video online  - This online training tool is available to anyone serving as a negotiator; board or association member. Reminder:  State law requires that anyone involved with the negotiations process must go through negotiations training.

  • Civil Rights Data Collection Notification Letter - The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the 2015-16 school year will open for data submissions beginning on February 6, 2017, for public school districts and other local educational agencies (LEAs).  Every public school district in the nation is required to participate in this survey from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

  • New Robotics Kits purchased at the State Surplus sale for the Keystone Gifted and Talented program at the very low price of $25 per kit (normally $200 new).

  • House Bill 2008 would require seat belts on school buses purchased after 2018

    • Estimated additional cost when purchasing a new bus - $8,000 to $10,000.

    • Estimated cost to retrofit and used bus - $25,000.

  • State Budget Update - The state is down $340 million in the current fiscal year. The governor has until July 1, to find a fix. Revenue estimates indicate that the problem will be even more significant next fiscal year - estimated deficit of $580 million. The legislature has depleted KDOT funds by $1.2 billion over the past three years - that well is pretty much dry.

  • Juvenile Justice update - SB 367 was enacted last year and takes effect on July 1, 2017. Its goal is to reduce the number of juveniles in state detention facilities by keeping many offenders in their home communities, where they are supposed to receive treatment. Concerns have arisen, however, that community resources will not be available. The law requires school districts to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with local judicial and law enforcement to help accomplish the state’s goal.  

    • School personnel must be trained eight (8) different areas.

    • Greenbush will make training videos available at the end of January to its member districts

    • Law enforcement officials are required by law to be trained on the new Juvenile Justice laws.

    • Deadline is July 1st.

  • Early retirement/resignation notification incentives available to teachers.   Article V, Section K of the Negotiated Agreement encourages teachers to notify the Board as soon as possible of their intention to resign or retire. The Board will pay employees according to the following schedule if their notice of resignation or retirement is received early:

    • Notice received January 1 through January 31.............$500 stipend

    • Notice received February 1 through February 29...............$200 stipend

    • Notice received March 1 through March 31 ..............................$100 stipend

    • Payment will be made no later than the last regular pay date for the employee.

  • KESA Update - Quarter 3 training. Mrs. Scherer, Mrs. McMillan, Mr. Snyder, and Mr. Wiseman will attend KESA Q3 training in Eudora on Thursday, January 19, from 9:00 AM - 11:30  AM

  • Greenbush Perkins Professional Development Funds - March 1 Reimbursement Deadline

    • Each school in the Greenbush Perkins Consortium is allocated $1,300 to support CTE related Professional Development activities.  March 1 is the deadline to either submit reimbursement paperwork for our PD expenses, or notify GB how we plan to spend our PD money.  FY17 Perkins PD funds may only support activities that take place during the grant year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017).  After March 1, any unused professional development funds will be split equally amongst all member districts who requested funds in excess of the $1,300/building allocation.


Mrs. Dillon - reported on the Service Learning policy recommendation and the progress of the high school’s Job Shadowing program.



  • Approved the AM Trust America Loss Control Policy Recommendations

  • Approved the JSH Service Learning proposal that will go into effect starting with the start of the 2017-18 school year. Beginning next year, students will be required to obtain 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. This policy will be phased in at the rate of 10 service learning credit hours per year.

  • Approved the proposal to contract with NWEA MAP Data to provide nationally norm-referenced assessment tools and data reporting software beginning in the spring. This proposal aligns with the state’s new accreditation model under the fifth R - Results. The cost will be $5,146.25.  Of the cost, $1,000 is an initial one time setup fee.

  • Approved the following personnel recommendations:

    • Sub custodian pay rates

      • Randy Heineken - $9.00 per hour

      • Rhonda Thorpe - $9.00 per hour

      • Amend Richard Drennon’s custodial contract from eight hours per day to nine hours per day, with no change in hourly rate. Note - Overtime rates will apply for work over 40 hours per week.

      • Extend a Nurse’s contract to Carla Forbes for the remainder of the 2016-17 school year. Compensation to be set at $28 per hour, plus benefits.

  • Student trips approved:

    • Feb 3 G3 Field trip to Sheffel Theater Clinic to learn about performing arts in Topeka.

    • Feb 7 Atchison County Spelling Bee G5-G8

    • Feb 8 HS Science Club to Washburn University Department of Physics and Astronomy.

    • May 9 G4 to Live Animal Education Program at Topeka Zoo

  • Approved CBIZ as the District’s insurance broker for the purpose of bidding out general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies.

  • Move the February meeting from the 13th to the 20th, same time and location.


Thursday, January 5, 2017 – Welcome to 2017!

Reminder, the high school boys and girls basketball teams have makeup games tonight at Hiawatha.  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate this time around - it’s supposed to warm all the way up to 18 degrees today, which should help melt away much of the snow that accumulated overnight.  

In addition, varsity wrestlers travel to D-West tonight (5:00 pm at D-West Elementary, Midway), HS Scholar's Bowl is at Cair Paravel in Topeka (4:00 pm), and here at home we have the JH Boys Basketball taking on Sabetha starting at 4:30 pm.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Due to the power being turned off tomorrow (Thursday) from 8:00 am - noon, the following high school basketball team practices have been moved or rescheduled.

  • The high school girls will be practicing during their normal time (8:30 am - 10:30 am) at the elementary, rather than the JSH. 
  • The high school boys practice is being moved to from the morning to 2:30pm to 5:00pm at the High School. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you and hopefully Westar will not have to reschedule again.

Have a great day!


NOVEMBER 13, 2016, 6:30 PM


Elementary Student Council Presentation

Elementary student council officers Korin Kimmi and Corbin Ellerman along with ES Student Council Sponsor, Lindsey Cordell gave a brief presentation on all the various activities the elementary student council will be working on this school year. As well, the two students gave slideshow presentation summarizing their year long projects and goals. They also asked for approval from the Board on the following items:

  • Thanksgiving Bubble Bowl/Canned Food Drive Tuesday, November 22nd 2:00-3:00
  • Rocking around the Christmas Tree Dance Friday, December 2nd 6:30-8:00
  • Little Docs Blood Drive Monday, January 9th Time TBD
  • Pennies for Patients campaign month of February
  • Dancing for Dogs benefit Friday, March 3rd 6:30-8:00

The Board granted approval of the request.

Science Club Presentation

Presenting on behalf of the ACCHS Science club were Cameron Cooper, Club VP, and Mitch Oswald, sponsor. Cameron and Mr. Oswald briefed the board on some of the activities club members have been involved in. One of the more popular activities was a presentation put on last year by the Kansas Paranormal Society. As a follow up, the club requested permission to bring the Paranormal Society back to conduct a live event demonstration of how they conduct a paranormal study of a building. Mr. Oswald

Soundmaster Field Trip presentation.  Mrs. Amy Eckert, sponsor.

Mrs. Eckert, sponsor and student representatives Jacob Chalfant, Kennedy Parnell, Michael Moeck, and Ty Ellerman presented information to the board about their request to take an educational trip to Omaha later this year. Preliminary plans are to take in some of the many educational sites, as well as see "Jersey Boys" live.  

National Character Education Conference Report by Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Scherer, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Jenna Hawk, and Mrs. Cordell. In attendance to present were Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Scherer, and Mrs. Hughes.  PPT Presentation


4.01     Minutes from October 12, 2016

4.02     Financials

Activity Reports, Bills & Claims

Treasurer's Report

4.03     Gifts & Grants

Eight pairs of shoes – from Kids Closet in Atchison

Books – from Kathy High

Lindsey Kearney - Poster paint, Ribbon, and Lights for the HS Cheer Squad

4.04     Keystone Correspondences

Keystone Superintendents’ Council Agenda for 11/08/2016

Keystone Superintendents’ Council Minutes for 11/08/2016

Keystone BOD Agenda for November

Keystone BOD Minutes from 10/19/2016 (unofficial)

4.06    Reports and Correspondences


5.01          Mrs. Gracey, Board Clerk

5.02          Principals’ Reports

Mr. Snyder - click here to download report

Mr. Wallisch report

  • The Big 7 will likely adopt the KSHSAA Drone policy
  • KSHSAA is considering a proposal to develop a new classification system that would result in the HS dropping to 2A, as would Silver Lake, Rossville, and many other 3A schools. Mr. Wallisch does not expect the new proposal to pass.
  • Talked about the request to join the NEKL
  • In the early stages of looking for a new head football coach

Mrs. McMillan report

  • Tiger Proud program update
  • Character ed classes being taught by Counselor Cordell
  • Gift of Grain program

Mrs. Scherer - click here to go to report

5.03          Mr. Wiseman, Superintendent’s Report

5.04 Keystone Report, Ms. Chapman

  • JDLA is in the process of implementing a 1:1 initiative. The money to fund this project is coming from one of their many grants.



The committee overseeing the advancement of the farm project has met several times over the past few weeks. The team reached an agreement on placement of the 30’ x’ 50’ outdoor learning center. Mr. Coder will be putting together concrete pad specifications and then calling for bids. The area will covered with roof similar to a carport. Estimating the total cost to be around $17,000. Note - The elementary PTO contributed $12,000 to this project.  

It was also noted that three trees will have to be removed prior the completion of the project.

In the process of acquiring bids on concrete pad

Aerial view of recommended placements.


Mrs. Scherer talked about the work being done putting together the JSH school improvement plan. One of the key components of that plan is the implementation of a new reading program.  The board approved the purchase of support materials for the reading initiative - total cost of $2,953.43

Link to JSH School Improvement Plan


Mrs. Gracey, Board Clerk, updated the board on the results from the annual independent audit. The District's financial statements received an unqualified, clean opinion as a result of the independent financial audit for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016.  The audit reports showed no findings of material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, or noncompliance.


Mr. Wiseman reported that the Wellness Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, November 15 to review the Wellness Plan, as well as complete a first round assessment of OPAA and the Food Service program.

Schools contracting with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC) must monitor the operation of the FSMC by conducting on-site visits and completing the Kansas Food Service Management (FSMC) Monitoring Form, Form 14-A, in order to ensure that the FSMC complies with the contract and any other applicable Federal, State, and local rules and regulations.  The monitoring form 14-A is to be completed for each food service site at least two (2) times per school year.   Schools must maintain documentation of monitoring and whether or not corrective action was taken for review or audit.  

Wellness Plan

FSMC Monitoring Form 14-A


Mr. Wiseman reported on the need to implement a norm-referenced assessment program to round out the data triangulation system. Triangulation of data is critical to determining program effectiveness and student achievement growth over time. The administrative team is considering going back to NWEA MAP, which has been reported to be vastly improved over the old system. Going back to NWEA MAP was discussed at Curriculum Council where the idea received positive feedback.


7.02    Personnel Recommendations approved


Substitute Teachers

  • Dr. Robert Kiser

Supplemental contracts

  • Rescind head baseball coach contract offer to Steve Wiseman

Substitute Aide/Para

  • Ashley Hobbs

Substitute Custodial Pay Considerations

  1. Substitute custodians current starting salary - $8.00/hr.
  2. Substitute custodians with experience current starting salary - $8.50/hr.

Substitute Custodial Pay Recommendations

  1. Randy Heineken        8.50/hr
  2. Rhonda Thorpe        8.50/hr
  3. Ashley Lott                8.50/hr

Part-time Custodial Recommendation

Peter Pickman - 2nd shift part-time at the elementary.

Substitute Custodian Rate of Pay for 377 employees working overtime to cover for custodial shortage

  • Maximum rate of $8.00 per hour before applying OT wage calculations


  • A. Kerwood              11/12/2016       KMEA Honor Band Auditions
  • P. English                 12/01/2016       HS Yearbook class to sell ads
  • A. Eckert                 12/16/2016       HS Soundmasters Christmas Tour
  • A. Eckert                 03/11-12/2016    HS Soundmasters to Omaha, NE
  • Joyce Thompson        December 14-15        G6 trip to Spitz Planetarium, Washburn University
  • Joyce Thompson        May 5, 2016                G5 trip to Jefferson County Conservation District


  • 10/24 -10/31                Student Ambassadors              Boo Candy Grams
  • 11/14 -11/29/16            HS StuCo                                Butter Braids

Friday, September 16, 2016


Reminder – Monday, September 26, 2016 is a Professional Development Day for teachers.  There will NOT be any classes on that day.  Click here to download the 2016-2017 school calendar – page view!


Below are few notes from the Council of Superintendents meeting held Wednesday, September 14 at KASB in Topeka. There were over 150 superintendents from all parts of the state in attendance.

Presentation by the American Heart Association (AHA) concerning opportunities for school districts to partner with the AHA on wellness programs.

Listed below is a link to a brochure about AHA school-based programs and a link to a video which provides a Texas school district’s partnership with AHA and the positive impact it had on their students.


ESI Brief- Working to help staff understand their responsibilities – click here to download the Review of ESI Law (PDF)

  • In 2013, State Board of Education passed new ESI regulations.

  • On June 4, 2015, statutes were enacted regarding the use of seclusion and restraint in schools. These statutes created an Emergency Safety Intervention Task Force to study and review the use of emergency safety interventions; and to prepare a report for the governor and the legislature on its findings and recommendations concerning the use of those interventions.  

  • On July 1, 2016, House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 193, amending the emergency safety intervention statutes, went into effect.

Emergency Safety Intervention - The use of seclusion or physical restraint

Physical Restraint - Bodily force used to substantially limit a student’s movement, except that consensual, solicited, or unintentional contact and contact to provide comfort, assistance or instruction shall not be deemed to be physical restraint


  • The placement of a student in a location where all of the following conditions are met:

    • The student is placed in an enclosed area by school personnel

    • The student is purposefully isolated from adults and peers

    • The student is prevented from leaving or the student reasonably believes that such student will be prevented from leaving the enclosed area

When may an Emergency Safety Intervention be used?

  • An emergency safety intervention may only be used when the student presents a reasonable and immediate danger of physical harm to self or others with the present ability to effect such physical harm

  • Less restrictive alternatives, such as positive behavior interventions support, must be deemed inappropriate or ineffective under the circumstances prior to emergency safety intervention being used

  • The use of an emergency safety intervention must stop immediately when the danger of physical harm ends

  • Violent action that is destructive of property and presents a reasonable and immediate danger of physical harm to such student or others with the present ability to effect such physical harm may necessitate the use of an emergency safety intervention

  • An emergency safety intervention must not be used for discipline, punishment, or the convenience of a school employee

Substantive Changes

  • Incident is defined

  • Written statement from medical provider

  • Same day parent notification

  • Written documentation of the incident

  • Flexibility in the delivery form of the required parent information

  • Parent meeting requirements

  • Meeting for student parentally placed in a private school

  • Student attendance at meeting to discuss emergency safety intervention incident(s)

  • 10 school day requirement when emergency safety intervention meeting is requested

  • Parent notification if a law enforcement officer or school resource officer used seclusion, physical restraint, or mechanical restraint

  • Data reporting by KSDE
Legislative Post Audit Update
  • The Legislative Post Audit team works for the Legislative Post Audit Committee of Ten as an independent entitity. Post Audit has no political affiliations or agendas.
  • Post Audit has been directed to work on two major studies
    • 1) To determine the resources and cost associated with federal funding, and
    • 2) To determine how the state could save $80 million by going to a state-wide health plan for all school districts.


School advocates urged to tell governor about school finance and also send recommendations to KASB

KASB wants to make sure that people who know how to educate children — teachers, parents, school board members, administrators and others — voice their opinions on what the next school finance formula should include.

That is why KASB is urging Kansans to accept Gov. Sam Brownback’s invitation to submit their school finance recommendations to and also send those recommendations to KASB will share the information with other education organizations and use it to help in the coming debate on school finance.

KASB believes any new finance formula should include the following components:

Accountability. A new school finance formula must support the Kansas State Board of Education’s new vision that an excellent school system must focus on helping each student succeed and setting outcomes to measure that goal.

A new formula should assist and encourage districts in meeting the outcomes of the State Board. These are kindergarten readiness, higher graduation rates, more postsecondary participation, individual plans of study and social and emotional indicators.

Adequacy. A new school finance formula should embrace the guiding principles drafted by the United School Administrators of Kansas that says every student must have equal opportunity to be college and career ready as defined by the State Board’s vision; and recognize the additional needs of students who require special services.

Equity. A new school finance formula must provide adequate and equitable funding as required by the Kansas Constitution. Such a formula would avoid undue and burdensome differences in local taxes;

Efficiency. A new school finance formula must give local districts the responsibility to respond to unique community needs while encouraging efficiencies through cooperation among districts. Under our system of strong local control, Kansas already spends a higher percentage of dollars on instruction than most states, because we have more teachers and support staff per pupil than most states.

Excellence. A new school finance formula must allow flexibility for districts to go beyond state requirements, foster innovation and promote improvement. Many communities want more freedom and flexibility to enhance their public schools; and the Kansas Constitution requires “intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement.” This means continually pushing for better results.


USD 377 Admin Retreat Resources

Sups Quick Links