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2019 Race Information

For most of the cross country team, the regional meet at Leonardville was the last race of 2019. It was a great year, with everyone making huge improvements since August. We are very proud of our Tiger runners and the progress they have made. We only have one state qualifier this year, and it is Victoria Caplinger. Congratulations! She will compete at Rim Rock Farm 10am on Saturday, November 2. The address is 2276 Burnett Lane, Lawrence, KS.

Regionals results are:

Girls 5k – Victoria Caplinger 6th 21:32.30, Isabelle Beagle 29th 24:03.44

Boys 5k – Ben Rush 34th 19:13.95, Haeden Forbes 38th 19:24.09, Logan Rose 42nd 19:33.29, Caleb Miller 78th 20:45.47, Conner Simmers 96th 21:57.09, Mason Hawk 98th 22:26.96, Kreyton Bauerle 106th 24:53.05

The boys placed 11th as a team.

The NEK League was on Thursday October 17 at Jackson Heights High School. Our runners continue to improve each week, with several reaching season or career bests at League.

Girls Varsity 5k – Victoria Caplinger 3rd 21:57.15, Isabelle Beagle 19th 25:15.41

Boys Varsity 5k – Haeden Forbes 19th 19:35.21, Logan Rose 20th 19:41.31, Ben Rush 24th 19:57.03, Caleb Miller 29th 20:22.97, Conner Simmers 35th 21:03.65, Mason Hawk 46th 22:44.59

Boys JV 5k – Kreyton Bauerle 10th 24:39.72

Here are results of the Sabetha Invitational on October 10. All runners either beat or were very close to their best time of the year. It was also the last race for our junior high in 2019.

Girls 1.2 mile Fun Run – Rebekah Caplinger 5th 9:06, Avery Handke 9th 9:40

Boys 1.2 mile Fun Run – James Schuetz 4th 7:59, Jesse Coder 12th 8:30

Girls Varsity 5k – Victoria Caplinger 12th 22:15, Isabelle Beagle 56th 26:21

Boys Varsity 5k – Haeden Forbes 23rd 19:20.2, Logan Rose 24th 19:20.8, Ben Rush 55th 20:45, Caleb Miller 63rd 21:14, Conner Simmers 68th 21:41, Mason Hawk 74th 22:22, Kreyton Bauerle 83rd 25:35

The cross country team performed well at the Nemaha Central Invitational on September 26. All runners hit their season best times.

7th Grade Girls – Rebekah Caplinger 3rd 15:41.4, Avery Handke 14th 18:49.9, Anna Falk 15th 18:57.1

8th Grade Girls – Renay Myers 2nd 14:22.5, Dezirae Minton 4th 16:54.7

8th Grade Boys – James Schuetz 9th 14:11.9, Jesse Coder 12th 14:56.2

Varsity Girls – Victoria Caplinger 5th 22:18.3, Isabelle Beagle 18th 26:04.0

JV Boys – Kreyton Bauerle 8th 25:42.8

Varsity Boys – Logan Rose 10th 20:05.8, Haeden Forbes 15th 20:36.8, Ben Rush 17th 20:42.3, Caleb Miller 28th 21:25.0, Conner Simmers 34th 22:07.3, Mason Hawk 44th 23:27.3

Results of the Hiawatha Invitational on September 19:

7th Grade Girls - Rebekah Caplinger 12th, Anna Falk 15th

8th Grade Girls - Renay Myers 5th, Dezirae Minton 12th

8th Grade Boys - James Schuetz 19th, Jesse Coder 26th

Varsity Girls – Victoria Caplinger 10th, Isabelle Beagle 43rd

JV Boys – Kreyton Bauerle 31st

Varsity Boys – Ben Rush 26th, Haeden Forbes 37th, Caleb Miller 40th, Logan Rose 41st, Conner Simmers 51st, Mason Hawk 52nd


The Junior High runners competed at Jackson Heights on September 16. It was a tough course in hot conditions. Results were as follows:

7th Grade Girls – Rebekah Caplinger 9th, Anna Falk 24th, Avery Handke 26th

8th Grade Girls – Renay Myers 5th, Dezirae Minton 19th

8th Grade Boys – James Schuetz 17th, Jesse Coder 21st

Results of the Holton Invitational on September 12:

7th Grade Girls – Rebekah Caplinger 9th 16:54, Avery Handke 15th 19:45, Anna Falk 16th 19:54

8th Grade Girls – Renay Myers 5th 14:37, Dezirae Minton 14th 17:54

8th Grade Boys – James Schuetz 12th 13:50, Jesse Coder 21st 14:46

JV Boys – Haeden Forbes 1st 21:42, Ben Rush 9th 22:21, Logan Rose 12th 22:43, Conner Simmers 23rd 24:23

Varsity Girls – Victoria Caplinger 3rd 23:43

Varsity Boys – Caleb Miller 38th 22:53, Mason Hawk 66th 26:20

Results of the Jeff West Invitational on September 5:

7th Grade Girls – Rebekah Caplinger 8th 17:30, Anna Falk 21:45

8th Grade Girls – Renay Myers 4th 14:30

8th Grade Boys – James Schuetz 26th 15:01, Jesse Coder 42nd 16:01

Varsity Girls – Victoria Caplinger 4th 23:44, Isabelle Beagle 41st 31:07

Varsity Boys – Logan Rose 46th 22:01, Haeden Forbes 69th 23:34, Ben Rush 70th 23:37, Conner Simmers 71st 23:41, Caleb Miller 72nd 23:57, Mason Hawk 88th 25:31