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JSH Virtual Program

USD 377 Atchison County virtual school program.

Through our virtual program, USD 377 can enroll online students in grades 6-12 to provide continuity of services and new learning opportunities. 


Students seeking online junior high or high school education have often turned to outside companies in the past, because few school districts have been able to offer their own online programs. But by joining the new Virtual Partnership from Greenbush, USD 377 will be able to have its own online program. Students enrolled in the virtual school will be able to get a diploma from USD 377 just like students in the district’s traditional school buildings.


USD 377’s virtual school will be fully accredited, and it will be audited and approved by the Kansas State Department of Education just like any other school. 


In addition to standard curriculum classes, the new virtual school will offer advanced classes such as “Green Design and Technology.” 


For more information, call Deanna Scherer at (913) 833-2240 or e-mail

Special Note for Parents/Guardians of Online Students (source:KSDE)  


Your involvement can play a big part in helping your student be successful in an online course.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to take an active role in learning about the activities that will be required for course completion.  Please don't hesitate to contact course instructors if you have any questions about your student's progress in their courses.  Specific things that you can do to help your student include:

  • Carefully review the keys to success for the online student with your son/daughter when considering an online course.
  • Help them set up a good work space for the computer in your home.
  • Help your student set up a regular schedule for working on their assignments.  Time management and logging regularly really help students keep up with the work.
  • Be aware of when virtual classroom sessions are scheduled to help minimize schedule conflicts.
  • Ask questions about how the class is going and what your student is working on. 

Keys to Being a Successful Online Student - Managing Time and Task Completion  


The most common reason why students do not do well in an online course is because they do not develop a plan for successful time management and task completion.  If the following statements apply to you, you have a good chance at doing well in the online environment. 

  • You are self-motivated and self-disciplined - You are the primary person responsible for your own success and act accordingly in your priority setting and decision-making. 
  • You are not afraid of doing things on the computer - Your online class may require you to be comfortable using email, an Internet browser and a word processor.  You may also need to put in some extra effort and time to increase your own technical skills.
  • You know how to get support from people around you when you need it - This may include having a parent/guardian or your friends helping you stay on-track with your course work and inviting them to visit your course site.  Throughout the course, keep them informed of events, assignments and other course requirements.
  • You schedule regular work sessions for yourself - You plan a regular weekly schedule for accessing your course site and completing course requirements.
  • You want to participate as much as possible - Since you won't be face-to-face for most class interaction, it is important that you contribute to online discussion boards or emails for online involvement.
  • You maintain open communication with your instructor/facilitator - Contact the instructor and/or facilitator with any questions, with any difficulty accessing the course or materials, or understanding your responsibilities or assignments.
  • You are willing to share your own experiences and listen to others - Your insights about course topics and discussions may be the catalyst for someone else to learn something new.
  • You take time to think ideas through before responding - You treat the communications opportunities in your course with the seriousness that they deserve, since meaningful and quality input from all participants in the online classroom is a necessary part of the learning process and benefits everyone.

Online Tips for Parents and Students  


What Makes a Successful Online Student?

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