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HS Cross Country

2020 ACCHS Tigers Cross Country

The Nemaha Central Invitational will be at the Spring Creek Golf Course on Thursday September 24. This will include junior high and high school races. The golf course is on the west side of Seneca, north of US36. They ask spectators be limited to immediate family, wear a mask when unable to social distance from others, and do not congregate in team areas.

4:00PM Middle School 2 Mile – Devyn Smith, Evan Sinclair, Rebekah Caplinger, Anna Falk, Avery Handke, Leah Wilson, Boomer Foster

5:15pm HS Boys Varsity and JV – Haeden Forbes, Caleb Miller, Logan Rose, Ben Rush, Conner Simmers, James Schuetz


The Hiawatha Invitational has been split between two days. The high school teams will compete on Thursday, September 17. The junior high runs on Friday, September 18. Both days will be at the Hiawatha Country Club just south of Hiawatha. Spectators are limited to immediate family only, and masks are required when unable to social distance. Spectators will not be allowed in the team areas.


4:30pm Boys JV – James Schuetz

5:00pm Boys Varsity – Haeden Forbes, Caleb Miller, Logan Rose, Ben Rush, Conner Simmers


4:00pm – 7th Grade Boys and Girls 2 Mile – Boomer Foster

4:30pm – 8th Grade Boys and Girls 2 Mile – Devyn Smith, Rebekah Caplinger, Anna Falk, Avery Handke, Leah Wilson


Hiawatha Invitational Results

The high school boys varsity placed 5th as a team out of 9

High School JV Boys – James Schuetz 19th 23:19

High School Varsity Boys – Logan Rose 11th 18:41, Haeden Forbes 18th 19:09, Ben Rush 29th 19:51, Caleb Miller 32nd 20:06, Conner Simmers 39th 20:46

Jackson Heights Junior High Invitational Results

7th Grade Boys 1.1 mile – Boomer Foster 4th 8:46

8th Grade Boys 2.1 Mile – Devyn Smith 8th 15:43

8th Grade Girls 2.1 mile – Leah Wilson 8th 17:53, Rebekah Caplinger 9th 18:00, Anna Falk 17th 20:13, Avery Handke 23rd 23:06

Holton Invitational Results

 As a team the boys were 5th place out of 9.

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Boomer Foster 4th 16:49

8th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Devyn Smith 14th 14:50

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Rebekah Caplinger 6th 16:05, Leah Wilson 7th 16:47, Anna Falk 22nd 18:23, Avery Handke 29th 20:48

High School JV Boys – James Schuetz 34th 25:29

High School Varsity Boys – Logan Rose 9th 19:29, Haeden Forbes 22nd 19:59, Ben Rush 35th 21:07, Caleb Miller 42nd 21:37, Conner Simmers 43rd 21:41

Jeff West Invitational Results

7th and 8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Rebekah Caplinger 14th 16:26, Leah Wilson 28th 18:45, Anna Falk 33rd 20:08, Avery Handke 45th 22:44

7th and 8th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Devin Smith 33rd 15:34, Boomer Foster 49th 18:50

High School Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 28th 20:30, Ben Rush 34th 21:07, Logan Rose 36th 21:19, Caleb Miller 37th 21:25, Conner Simmers 38th 21:26, James Schuetz 80th 26:26

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