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HS Math Club

The high school Math Club meets once a month during the school year. To be elible to join students must be enrolled in geometry or above. In the fall we compete in math contests at Emporia State University and Washburn University. We are very limited in the number of students who can attend. In the spring we host Pi Day for the 7th graders. At Pi Day we create pi posters, sing pi songs, memorize pi digits, compute pi and eat pie. While eating they hear the history of pi. In April we induct new members into Mu Alpha Theta which is an honorary society for math club members who have completed at least 5 semesters of high school math with at least a 3.5 GPA. 

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

·        Tuesday, September 25

·        Thursday, October 25

·        Thursday, November 29

·        Tuesday, December 11

·        Thursday, January 24

·        Thursday, February 14

·        Friday, March 1

·        Wednesday, March 6 (Pi Day Celebration)

·        Thursday, April 18

·        Friday, May 3

HS Math Club

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