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Classroom Management: Evidence-Based Strategies for Teachers

ESI Resources

ESI 2015 and older

Questions? Please contact Laura Jurgensen at or (785) 296-5522.

Google Resources

Cloud Lab for Teachers – The CloudLab -- a project of New Visions for Public Schools -- is dedicated to tooling-up educators and school leaders with free, flexible building blocks for the redesign of teaching and learning, and to incubating and spreading breakthrough tools and practices for the highest needs schools.  Our team works in close design and capacity-building relationships with the leadership and staff in over 200 NYC public high-schools, allowing us to bring valuable insights, direct access to schools, and technical skills to bear in the development of solutions that land.

  • Google Apps Introduction – We use the Google Apps for Education platform to build all of our tools because it is free and easy to use.  These resources will introduce you to using this platform.
  • Google Classroom Google Classroom has served as an amazing starting point allowing teachers to easily distribute and collect student assignments.  The resources below feature initial set up support for using this app with your students.  
  • Easily Attach Rubrics  Goobric has come to rescue teachers from the dreaded task of using rubrics to assess student work and give in-depth feedback for improvement and revision.  This interactive rubric can be forever attached to student assignments minimizing risk of loss and enhancing the revision process.
  • Digitize Assignment Differentiation Many classroom teachers spend most of the day chasing after paper from their students.  Whether it’s differentiating the distribution and assessment of assignments, or collecting assignments and storing student data, Doctopus has come to serve as a virtual assistant to help you “Revolutionize Your Workflow!”
  • Capture and Send Student Feedback  Use the docAppender Add-On to create a system which allows you to easily submit a Google Form that attaches submissions to specific student docs based on the student name.  This can be helpful if you are giving students feedback while they are presenting or having students give each other feedback.  
  • Create Student Progress Reports The Autocrat Add-On will allow you to easily create merged documents that will merge items into individual documents based on what has been inserted from a spreadsheet cell.  You can imagine having student name and scores get easily merged into individual documents for progress report creation. 
  • Manage Student Portfolios Longing to create student portfolios but unsure how to manage it? Use siteMaestro to easily manage and support digital portfolios for all of your students. 
  • Create Formative Assessments Use Google Forms to quickly receive formative student feedback. 

JSH Thermostat User Guide (PDF)

A user guide for understanding how to use the room thermostats at the Junior-Senior High School.

Licensure Application Forms Online

Teacher Licensure and Accreditation has taken the next step towards a paperless application system in launching a new group of application forms as online forms.    

  • Go to the License Applications Page on the agency website for the list of application forms 
  • Click on the link beside the appropriate form “Review Requirements and Access Form 
    • Instructions are provided.
  • Some of the forms will require the district to complete an online verification of assignment information, experience, and/or mentoring.
  • Application forms converted to online include Form 21 – Upgrade of the Initial license to a Professional license; Form 22 – Adding a teaching Endorsement based on testing; all Emergency substitute applications.




Planning for next year is a critical and valuable exercise needed to ensure that the 2016-2017 school year gets off to a GREAT start.  Poor planning can cripple a school’s ability to function effectively at the start of a school year.  Poor planning tends to create a “crisis” mentality. For that reason, we encourage all staff members to take time this spring and adequately prepare for the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Good planning and preparation will go a long ways towards making certain that the "first two weeks of school" are our finest 80 hours!


Supply Orders 2016-2017

Over the next few weeks, you will be making important decisions relative to the purchasing of textbooks, supplies and equipment. Please make those decisions based on the school district's vision, mission, and curriculum goals.

In past years we used KAW Valley bulk purchasing for general classroom supplies, paper, and what not. We will not use the KAW Valley (KV) purchasing cooperative this year, due to inconsistencies in pricing and ordering, plus we have determined that our School Specialty prices are as cheap, if not cheaper than KV.

All instructional supply spreadsheets are due by Friday, April 15.

How to Submit Your Orders.  Click here to go to the Google Form used to submit supply requests. Let me or one of your principals know if you have questions.


  1. Budget requests must be based on actual needs to support the educational program in existence or as planned for the next school year.

  2. Since funds are always limited, priorities must be established within departments, subject areas, school buildings and on a district-wide basis.

  3. Requests should be based on current inventories and projected use for the 2016-2017 school year. This may require that you contact your building principal or counselor to find out enrollment estimates for your 2016-2017 classes.

  4. A request that is unusual or particularly costly in nature must include written justification.

  5. A Google FORM has been developed for you to use for submitting your supply requests. I have included a list of preferred vendors for you to use for product selection. You are not limited to these vendors only, but you should check around for the best prices available.  Examples of other preferred vendors are:  Quill,, etc.    Click here to go to the Google Form used to submit supply requests.


1.  If preferred, you may use the old Excel requisition form that can be accessed from the public drive in the “forms” folder. ONE VENDOR per spreadsheet, please.

2. Open the spreadsheet and do a “save as” to a familiar location, preferably in your “My documents” folder with your name included in the title, such as: wiseman-supplies-2016-17.

3.  Please use one Excel requisition book with separate vendors on separate sheets (tabs at the bottom of the Excel page).  In other words, do NOT put two different vendors on the same spreadsheet page.  Right click the sheet tab at the bottom and click make a copy in order to create multiple requisition sheets or you simply do a new 'save as' every time for a new vendor.

4. Once you have all your supply orders ready for approval, send the spreadsheet as an attachment to your building principal.  

5. In addition to turning in a spreadsheet or submitting a Google Form, you will need to submit a hard copy requisition for final approval. I understand this is double the work, and I apologize, but this process does seem to work best.  Each requisition - one teacher and one vendor.    A hard copy will be returned by the building principal.

Make sure each requisition form contains all information necessary to place the order:

  1. Full name, address, phone number and fax number of recommended supplier;

  2. Quantity, Item Description, Color, Catalog Number and Page Number, etc.;

  3. A brief description of need or purpose;

  4. Price of item (actual price, if available, or your best estimate);

  5. Line item code #;

  6. Estimated shipping costs must be included in the Grand Total.  If you do not know your shipping costs, add 10%.

  7. Do not include sales tax; the school district is tax exempt.

School Specialty Instructions

We can save a lot of money by going online to School Specialty. Please follow the instructions below for new requisitions. Instructions for School Specialty

  • Go to

  • Choose a store to shop in

  • Click LOGIN/REGISTER and enter the following under Returning Customers, click SIGN IN

  • Enter your username: enzbrennerk

  • Enter Password: co377dist

  • Order by item

  • Save Cart

  • It will give you a cart number. Write this number on your requisition.

We do not have a preferred vendors list, so you will need to make sure that the company you choose will accept purchase orders. Also, Mrs. Enzbrenner will need a full address - not just the company name on the requisition.

Don’t forget - School Specialty also sells equipment!

EOY Reminders and Planning for 2016-2017

Planning for 2016-2017 is a critical and valuable exercise needed to ensure that next school year gets off to a GREAT start.  Lack of proper planning can cripple a school’s ability to function effectively at the start of a school year. It tends to create a “crisis” mentality. For that reason, we encourage all staff members to take time this spring and adequately prepare for the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Good planning and preparation will go a long ways towards making certain that the "first two weeks of school" are our finest 80 hours!

Apply Now for 2016-2017 Supplemental Coaching and Organizational Sponsor Positions!

​Being a coach or sponsor is very important. Equally important is a willingness to serve in a position of leadership that is so vital to the success of our school system. On behalf of the Board of Education and Administration, I want to thank you for filling this important role during this school year.

As you may or may not know, supplemental contracts do not fall under the continuing contract law and therefore are viable only for the duration of the existing contract.  You are strongly encouraged to apply for positions you currently hold for the coming school year as well as any other supplemental positions that may be of interest.

In order for the administration to determine interest in supplemental positions and in turn recommend staff to fill them, it is essential that we know whether or not you wish to be considered for the 2016-2017 school year.

Supplemental Applications due Monday, May 2nd in order to be approved at the May BOE meeting

Click here to go to the 2016-2017 Supplemental Application Form

Early Retirement Notice for Teachers - Deadline April 1st

Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Early Retirement Notice, April 1st

  • Teachers planning to retire with at least 20 years or more of teaching experience in USD 377 who wish to receive the early retirement incentive, need to notify the Superintendent or Clerk by April 1st.


  • Health Insurance for early retirees (certified only) with 20 years in the district. Retiring teachers shall receive $2,001 dollars credit annually not to exceed 5 years towards the district’s group health insurance plan provided to all current employees. This credit will be the maximum amount paid for health insurance and this amount will not increase if the costs of insurance increases. The retiring teacher must have been participating in the district’s group health insurance plan for the two consecutive school years prior to the date of retirement. Early retirement benefits will terminate at the death of the retired teacher, or after five years in this early retirement program, or upon reaching eligibility for Medicare.

Teacher continuing contract law (K.S.A. 72-5437)

  • May 20, 2016, (3rd Friday in May) is last day boards can give written notice of termination or nonrenewal of employee contracts

  • June 3, 2016, is the last date this year a teacher can give written notice to the board to discontinue their contract.

  • Board must vote in public to non-renew or terminate a contract. If the contract is to be continued, no action is necessary.

Teachers Earning College Credit wanting to Move Across Salary Schedule - Notify Central Office by April 1st

Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Move across salary schedule, April 1st

  • Teachers who plan to move laterally on the salary schedule need to notify the Central Office by April 1st.

Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Lump Sum Summer Payment, April 1st

  • Teachers wanting to take a lump sum salary payment for the summer need to notify the Superintendent or Clerk by April 1st.
  • REMINDER: If you received lump sum last year, you will continue to receive lump sum unless you notify us in writing to discontinue.

Summer Maintenance Requests (2017)

This form is used to make summer work project requests. DEADLINE IS April 29th!  Summer maintenance work projects submitted should be for work requested by the maintenance departments.  Examples:  Room painted, promethean board projector does not project as bright as it should, etc. Click here to go to the 2016 Summer Projects Request Form.

Equipment Request Form (2017)

Submit your equipment requests here. The purpose of this form is to develop a master list of all equipment requests in spreadsheet format. This form does NOT replace the requisition process.  Staff members are still required to submit a requisition form by April 29th to your supervisor or building principal. Click here to go to the Equipment Request Form 2016.

End of Season Report Form for Coaches/Sponsors

Sponsors of any paid supplemental position are required to complete an End of the Season Report Form. The form is in Word format. Download and complete the form, then send it as an attachment to Mr. Renk. Sponsors have two weeks upon the conclusion of their season to turn in all reports, which include up to date inventories and outstanding bills.  Click here to download the report form.

Disposal of property requires board approval

If you have surplus equipment that you would like to dispose of or removed from your area, complete the Property Disposal Request Form and we will make arrangements through your building principal to take care of your request. Click here to go to property disposal/surplus form.

The board may dispose of school property in any manner it deems to be in the best interests of the district. Disposing of property requires a majority vote (KSA 72-8212(d)).

Friday April 14th Deadlines

  • Supply requests
  • Equipment/Technology requests
  • Summer Project requests
  • Supplemental Coaching and Organizational sponsor applications for 2016-2017

Friday April 28th Deadlines

  • 2016-2017 Master Schedules
  • Summer school staffing recommendations - teachers, bus drivers, cooks, etc.
  • Summer maintenance seasonal staffing recommendations
  • Requested room changes and room assignments

Other EOY Notices and Deadlines

  • All new software and technology equipment must be processed at the central office before being delivered to the buildings.
  • All Textbook replacements and books which need rebound submitted by Monday, May 9th for approval.
  • All 2016-2017  calendar items due to Mrs. Enzbrenner May 15th

Schedule Your Class and Organizational Field Trips for 2016-2017!

Any teacher or sponsor planning a student trip must have board approval. Use this form to schedule next year’s field trips.


Staff members are not allowed to exchange, trade or bequeath any school property with/to another teacher, building or department. Equipment assigned to a building, area or room must stay put and be listed on the Google Document inventory sheet that is required for checkout. There have been times when a departing teacher gave his/her chair or desk to another teacher, which creates an inventory dilemma.  

Disposal of property requires board approval - The board may dispose of school property in any manner it deems to be in the best interests of the district. Disposing of property requires a majority vote (KSA 72-8212(d)).

SURPLUS EQUIPMENT -  a list of items deemed as “SURPLUS” should be turned into your superviser at checkout time.


Accident & Injury Report Forms

Accident Reporting Procedures - Employee Only (PDF)

Injury Report Form - Employee Injury Only (PDF) - to be completed by an employee who is injured carrying out job duties.  377 Staff injured on the job are required to complete an injury report form and file it with their immediate supervisor.

Injury Report Form - Student Injury Only (Word) - Student Injury/Accident Reporting Procedures  (to be used for athletics as well):  

  • USD 377 school staff (i.e. teacher, office staff, or nurse) must complete a Student Accident / Injury Report Form on each injury that takes place while a student is under the jurisdiction of the school. 
  • This form is to be completed immediately following the occurrence of any athletic/student injury that is severe enough to (a) cause the loss of one-half day or more of school, or (b) warrant medical attention (i.e. M.D., E.R., etc.).

Greenbush PDP Toolbox Information and Support Services
(Click here to go to the PDC Homepage)

​What Is the PDP Toolbox?

The Professional Development Planner meets school and district needs by:

  • Housing your professional development plans
  • Coordinating and documenting professional learning
  • Warehousing and streamlining the documentation and validation process for re-certification points

The PDP aligns with and implements Kansas Licensure Renewal Regulations (91-1-205 and 91-1-206) and Kansas Staff Development Opportunities Act Regulations (91-1-215 through 91-1-219).

As a learning professional you may add your own goals, request professional learning opportunities, and request your own professional development points. You will receive alerts to your regular e-mail account when you need to interact with the PDP Toolbox for staff development notifications.

Members of PDC - Mandi McMillan, Stutesman, Carol Oliver, Amanda Hughes, Joshua Snyder, Angie Kimmi, Joyce Thompson, Cy Wallisch (Admin Appointed)

Leave of Absence & Sick Leave Bank Resources

Sick Leave / Personal Leave Form - to be used for advance notification of medical or personal leave.  You do not have to complete this form for sick leave called in on the day of the absence - your supervisor will do that.

Sick Leave Bank Request Form (Google) - This form is for those employees who participate in the Sick Leave Bank and need to request days from the Bank.

Sick Leave Bank Notes

Participation shall be voluntary. Those who choose to participate shall contribute one (1) day of their accumulated sick leave to the bank at the beginning of their period of participation.

A committee of eight (four teachers K-3 (1), G4-6 (1), G7-8 (1), G9-12 (1), three classified, and a building principal) shall grant or deny any request made to the sick leave bank for sick leave days. Requests for sick leave days should be made to the sick leave bank administrator.

Employees may enroll in the sick leave bank at the beginning of each contract year but must submit the appropriate form by October 1. Any employee on duty from the beginning of the contract year desiring to enroll after October 1 must wait until the following year. Employees hired after the beginning of the contract year who desire to enroll must do so within thirty (30) calendar days after their first day at work or by October 1 of the current contract year, whichever is later.

Only participating employees are eligible to draw from the bank. Each person, before using the bank, shall deplete his or her accumulated sick leave.

Employees shall not be allowed to withdraw days from the sick leave bank for any days for which workers' compensation benefits are received.

In order for a staff member to participate in the employee/family sick leave bank, he or she must donate one day of sick leave at the beginning of each school year.

Sick bank leave may be requested by the employee for illness, injury, or death in the immediate family (Re: ARTICLE III, I). The central office shall maintain records of sick bank use.

Requests must be accompanied by physician’s statement and indicate estimated number of sick days requested.

A staff member upon retirement may donate two days to the sick leave bank.

Decisions approved by the majority of the committee are final. The committee members shall use the following criteria in administering the bank and rendering their decision.

  • Medical evidence of serious illness
  • Employee has used all accumulative leave days
  • History of use of sick leave during the year


Quick Links

2015-2016 Handbooks

Professional Development Resources 2015-16 

Back to School PD

KASB Session, Lori Church

All Staff Inservice Agenda, Reports, and Documents

Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sick Leave Bank

Other Links

Inservice 2014-15 Notes and handouts

​Notes of interest from the meeting:

  • Food Service - all catering needs should go through Mrs. Cattrell.
  • All requisitions should include shipping costs and appropriate line item #.
  • Online leave of absence forms do not need to be submitted for illnesses called in the day of the absence.  Mrs. Jeffrey or your department supervisor will complete the online documentation.  
  • NOTICE: If you completed a PDP Toolbox Leave Request, it is not necessary for you to complete the online Leave of Absence form. PDP Toolbox automatically notifies Mrs. Jeffrey once your Leave Request has been approved. Thank you.


Employees shall have no expectation of privacy when using district e-mail or other official communication systems.  E-mail messages shall be used only to conduct approved and official district business.  All employees must use appropriate language in all messages.  Employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to use the system according to these guidelines or other guidelines published by the administration.

Any e-mail or computer application or information in district computers or computer systems is subject to monitoring by the administration.  The district retains the right to duplicate any information in the system or on any hard drive.  Employees who violate district computer policies are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

USD #377 An Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity Agency
The USD 377 Atchison County Community Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Steve Wiseman
Superintendent of Schools
District Compliance Officer
306 Main Street
Effingham, KS 66023
(913) 833-5050