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Scholars Bowl

Welcome to the
Atchison County Community High School
Scholars' Bowl Site

We are looking forward to an exciting and competitive year.  While there are already a number of meets scheduled, it is hoped that potential additional dates will be added and that many people will have the opportunity to compete this year. Our goal is to create teams that will compete at local, regional and ultimately state tournaments.  Before each meet, the coach, in consultation with team captains, will determine which members of the Scholars’ Bowl team will attend and represent our school.  This will be based on participation in practices, previous tournament participation and performance, and effort given prior to the meet.  Be aware that membership on this team is contingent on willingness to prepare, compete, and actively increase team members ability to help the team win.  Scholars' Bowl members will be expected to expand their knowledge base on a number of subjects.  They are expected to go above and beyond what they have learned to date – to explore their subject of interest and master that knowledge for competition.  


  • Scholars’ Bowl team members will attend at least one practice per week.  Wednesday practices are mandatory (3:25-5:15 p.m.). If a team member is unable to attend they must contact the Scholars’ Bowl coach prior to missing Wednesday to explain. In addition there are practices on Tuesday mornings at 6:30 a.m.
  • Impromptu practice sessions may be scheduled as needed.  Team members are expected to prepare on their own, in addition to regularly scheduled practices.  Those team members that have other club or athletic practice requirements need to inform the Scholars’ Bowl coach so that arrangements can be made to share the time needed to prepare.
  • Students are expected to research and be prepared for practice and tournaments by being area experts.  Scholars’ Bowl questions fall into 1 of 7 broad categories:  World Languages, Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science/Health, Fine Arts, and Year in Review. 
  • Students are expected to be on time for practices and prepared to make the most of that time.  They are also expected to be on time for all transportation to tournaments.
  • It is the perception by many schools and throughout education that students who compete in Scholars’ Bowl are the best and brightest of that school – good students who are well behaved.  That is the perception students from ACCHS will be expected to uphold as they represent all the students from our school.  Team members are expected to be on their best behavior as they represent our school at tournaments. 
  • As in other school activities, Scholars’ Bowl participants are expected to be prepared to compete and be on their best form for practice.  This may include independent study and research.  It is not expected that team members have perfect knowledge of everything.  It is expected that effort be evident in preparation.  


Scholars’ Bowl members may letter at any time by acquiring points throughout the season.  Preference for lettering is given to students who compete in Varsity meets.  However, those team members who go above and beyond the call of expectations will be recognized for their efforts.  Team members who get 200 points in a season will letter for the season.  The points are assigned as below.

Scrimmage (Practice) Participation

5 points (x20 possible)

100 points

Varsity Meet Participation

10 points (x8 max)

80 points

Junior Varsity Meet Participation

5 points (x8 max)

40 points

Meet Performance



1st Place Finish

3 points*


2nd Place Finish

2 points*


3rd Place Finish

1 point*


Juggernaut/Chameleon/All-Star/Assist Award

3 points*


Submission of 1 Round of Questions

5 points (x10 max)

50 points


2019-20 Scholars’ Bowl 

Schedule & Roster


Tournament Schedule
    (Mon) 10/28 – Sabetha Invitational (JV)
    (Tue) 11/12 – Nemaha Central Invitational (JV)
(Tue) 11/19 – Cair Paravel Invitational (JV)
(Thu) 11/21 – Jackson Heights Invitational (V/JV)
(Tue) 12/3 – DeSoto Invitational (V)
(Thu) 12/12 – ACCHS Invitational (JV)
(Sat) 12/14 – Hiawatha Invitational (JV)
(Sat) 1/18 – Big 7 League Meet (V)
(Thu) 1/30 – Oskaloosa Invitational (JV)
(Thu) 2/6 – Regionals (TBD)
(Sat) 2/15 – State (TBD)


Team Members
Allyson Peterson (C)
Ashtyn Jolly
Caleb Miller
Thomas North
Conner Simmers