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Facilities Use


Facility Reservation Form (NEW!)

Board Policy

KG    Use of School Facilities by Community Groups (See DFG and JH)    KG
School facilities are provided by taxpayers of the district for the primary purpose of meeting the educational and fitness needs of students.  School activities shall have first priority for facility use.  When school facilities are not in use for school programs, they may be made available at reasonable times, rates and lengths of time to recognized community organizations whose activities are of general interest to the community.  Curriculum and school related organizations, such as parent-teacher associations, shall have priority over non-school related organizations.

The board may allow use of school buildings and school grounds by community groups outside the school day.  Use of any school facility or school grounds, however, shall not interfere with daily school use or any school-sponsored activity.  Priority for facility use outside of the school day goes to use promoting student academic achievement.  Notwithstanding the previous statement, the district shall provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups which are neither school sponsored nor co-curricular in nature.

Use in Accordance with Board Policies
As a condition to initial use of and continued access to district property and facilities, groups and/or organizations must follow Kansas law and board policy prohibiting the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on district property and ensure individuals in attendance refrain from using such substances on district property as well.  Failure to abide by this provision may result in a revocation of facility use privileges.  

Fees and Rental Charges
The board shall establish reasonable fees and/or rental charges for the use of any school facility or school grounds; fees and/or rental charges will cover costs of wages of school personnel involved and utilities.  The fee and/or rental charges shall be approved by the board and shall be reviewed annually.

Lease Arrangements
The board shall approve any lease arrangements.

Supervision of Non-School Groups
Whenever any school facility is used by non-school groups or individuals, a school employee may be on duty to see that the building and equipment are properly used.  A school employee may not be required to be on duty when, in the principal’s opinion, it is not necessary.

Insurance and/or Bonds
The board, through its duly authorized agent, reserves the right to require bonds (cash or otherwise), insurance, or other damage deposits, acceptable to the board before allowing use of the schools’ facilities.  Use is subject to limited access and availability.  Any damages occurring during use will be billed to the individual and/or organization renting the facility.

Adopted:  USD 377 BOE – 07/20/2016

Facility Use Rules

Use of school facilities or school grounds by community groups may be allowed by the board on a temporary basis.  Facility use fees are for use of the facilities equipped as is.  Additional fees will be charged for pianos, chairs, projectors, public address systems, etc., not in the facility.  No alteration to any facility shall be made by the renter or their personnel without the written permission of the superintendent.

The individual or group using the facility agrees to assume responsibility for care of the facility and agrees to pay for any damages to the facility, beyond normal wear, related to its use of the facility.  In addition, the individual or group agrees to assume responsibility to ensure the use of tobacco, un-prescribed controlled substances or alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the facility, either by the individual, the group or other participants.

Payment for the use of a facility is to be made in advance.  Additional charges may be assessed after the fact if the individual or group fails to abide by the agreement.

This policy shall be administered by the superintendent, or the superintendent’s authorized designee, and the superintendent’s decisions are subject to review by the board upon timely filing of a written protest with the clerk of the board.

Groups using the facilities for tournaments or large scale events are required to have a custodian on duty or to have a school employee on duty willing to accept the responsibility and risk of supervising the event.  

Use of Facilities Fees

The USD 377 Board of Education recognizes there are groups and/or organizations within the district which are ongoing with primary goals of community betterment and providing varying degrees of services to district students.

Application for use of all buildings shall be made through the Central Office.  A calendar shall be kept making it possible to check the availability of the facilities at any time.

There is no charge to recognized teacher or school personnel groups, school organizations or alumni groups holding class reunions.  This includes outside school student groups who are involved in an educational purpose, such 4-H, Boy Scouts, etc.  

All groups requesting use of school facilities will give consent (as indicated on the “Request for Building Reservation” form) for the Central Office to contact references and if required, submit a list of references for their group/organization.
Individual and commercial or civic groups will be charged a fee, depending upon the length of time and amount of building space used.  

Normal fees are:

  • $35.00    per meeting at all centers
  • $35.00    for use of the kitchen
  • $150.00   for use of building all day long

Should the services of school personnel be required due to the nature of the use request, the charges will be based on the per hour rate for such additional employee.  The charges for additional cook and/or custodial services are as follows:  

  • $17 per hour for cook services (per cook)
  • $17 per hour for custodial services (per custodian)
  • $50 for custodial on-call services for all day events (in-lieu of custodian on duty)

*When kitchen equipment is used, a school cook may be required to be present.

Annual Fee Waiver for Community Service, Community Improvement and Student Assistance Organizations

A civic group or organization may apply, on an annual basis, to be exempt from use of facilities fees.  The Board may approve waiving fees to groups or organizations for use of facilities meeting the following criteria:

  1. The groups providing services to the county or city population at little or no cost that are difficult to obtain elsewhere or are military and/or governmental in nature; or
  2. The group generally operates as a not-for-profit group; or
  3. The group provides an opportunity for a better understanding of the arts through displays and presentations and may be governmental in nature; or
  4. The group provides needed assistance to the community in times of disaster and is a nonprofit or governmental type of organization; or
  5. The group organizes when necessary to supply a service to the community, the school, education in general or specifically to students; or
  6. he group sponsors events directly involving USD 377 students and/or, in a broad sense, former students; is a type which provides future positive assistance to USD 377 student events and is non-school supervised; or
  7. The group may derive income from the events, and shall return substantial income to the community through scholarships and other similar projects to USD 377 students; or
  8. The group provides a broad base program of student self-improvement in moral judgment, home and community life, poise and self-control and the family as an American way of life.