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Parents can enroll returning students online, when and where it is most convenient for them and in just a few minutes. Parents will have the ability to enter the student’s enrollment information from anywhere they have access to the internet.

To access the online enrollment system, parents will need to log into their PowerSchool account through the PowerSchool Parent Portal (PPP). The Parent Portal grants parents access to their students’ class schedules, attendance records, health records, and grades. Additionally, PPP enables parents to verify household information, including their email address, home address and telephone numbers.


Parents and Students who live out of district who are wanting to attend Atchison County Community Schools will need to complete an application before enrollment will be allowed.  

The online enrollment system will go live on Monday, July 25th, 2022.

Powerschool will not be accessible for Parents and Students in order to prepare for enrollment.

It will be reactivated for online enrollment.


Starting when online enrollment opens, the district will waive service fees for all online payments. This includes all school fees, including meals. Fees will be waived through the end of August.

 Enrollment will not be completed until ALL fees are paid.

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Elementary School 

Junior – Senior High School 

**ALL school supplies are provided for Preschool Students.  All they will need is a backpack with no wheels, an extra change of clothes and PE shoes**


New Student Online Enrollment Form

New Students MUST enroll on-site on Tuesday, August 2nd from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. at the Jr-Sr High School Commons, 908 Tiger Rd. Effingham KS.

Students residing in the USD 377 School District are eligible for enrollment.  Whenever a child is enrolled in a district school for the first time, the parent/guardian is required to provide proof of residency. Students who reside outside the boundaries of the school district who wish to attend USD 377 must apply to the USD 377 School Board for non-resident admission.

Non-resident Students
Students who do not reside within the boundaries of the district must be approved by the administration and board each year in order to continue attending any of the attendance centers within the districts.

At the end of each school term teachers and building principals are asked to make recommendations on non-resident students to help determine whether or not a student shall be admitted the following year.  The student's conduct, attitude and effort are the main items considered when applications are being reviewed for the following year.

Age Requirements
The requirement for a child's first enrollment in a Kansas school is governed by state law and the school district cannot exercise any deviations from the law. In essence the law provides:

  • A child must be 5 years of age on or before August 31 of the current year to enter kindergarten.
  • A child must be 6 years of age on or before August 31 of the current year to enter the first grade.

Entrance Requirements
All students entering Kansas schools must follow Kansas laws for immunizations and inoculations (PDF).

Enrollment Eligibility Requirements
Whenever a child is enrolled in a Kansas district school for the first time, the parent/guardian is required to provide proof of the child's identity. "Proof of Identity" is defined differently for different grade levels.

A child enrolling in preschool, kindergarten or first grade:

  • A certified copy of the birth certificate of the child, or
  • As an alternative for the child in the custody of the Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services, a certified copy of the court order placing the child in the custody of the secretary.
  • In the absence of a certified copy of birth certificate for the child in kindergarten or first grade, any document which reasonably tends to establish the age of the child will be accepted as temporary proof of identity.

A student enrolling in Grades 1-12:

  • A certified copy of birth certificate of child, or
  • A certified transcript of school records, or
  • Actual school records from sending school, or
  • A hospital birth certificate.

NOTE: If proof of identity is not presented to the school district within 30 days after enrollment, written notice will be given immediately to a law enforcement agency. Upon receipt of the written notice, the law enforcement agency shall conduct an investigation to determine the identity of the child.

Application for Out of District Students



USD 377 Webstore Portal – RevTrak
There is a 3.61% service fee for using a credit card.

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American Rescue Plan Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services, by federal law, requires that every school district receiving federal relief funds develop and post on the school district website a  plan the reopening of school.  This reopening plan, by law, must contain the districts policy for certain components related to the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

USD #377 is proud to have provided on-site and in-person learning for all students throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  Extensive planning by both school personnel and community members is attributed to the successful reopening of schools after the closure in the Spring of 2020.  Numerous plans, protocols and procedures were developed, implemented and revised during the entire 2020-2021 school year.  These plans, protocols and procedures were rescinded and school ended with none in place.  Moving forward, USD #377 plans to operate as we did prior to the closure but also use what we have learned to improve.  

This plan is a working document, and we will continue to revise and it  reflect changes as necessary.  If you wish to make public comment regarding this plan, please contact Dr. Andrew Gaddis at 913-833-5050 or  

USD #377 American Rescue Plan Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan



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