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2022 Race Information

2022 ACCHS Tigers Cross Country

The season concluded with the Regional Championship October 22 at the Leonardville Golf Course in Leonardville, KS with Riley County High School as host.

Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 21st 23:59, Leah Wilson 29th 24:59, Anna Falk 59th 28:50, Avery Wilson 69th 31:19

Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 29th 19:42, Conner Simmers 44th 20:42, Ben Rush 57th 21:36, Ethan Brooks 73rd 22:40, Mason Green 86th 25:10, Evan Sinclair 88th 27:16

The boys finished 11th as a team.

The NEK League Championship was October 13 at Jackson Heights. Seven of our Tigers finished with their best time of the year, and two had their all time Personal Record. The boys finished 4th as a team. ACCHS had its first individual league champion since 2009, with Haeden Forbes crossing the line first. On the girls side, Rebekah Caplinger earned First Team All League honors with a 7th place finish, and Leah Wilson Second Team All League with 9th place. Here are the full results:

Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 7th 23:07.25, Leah Wilson 9th 23:44.38, Anna Falk 33rd 28:07.62, Avery Handke 37th 32:32.22

Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 1st 17:29.47, Ben Rush 18th 19:54.41, Conner Simmers 22nd 20.21.03 (PR), Ethan Brooks 29th 21:26.50, Mason Green 42nd 25:02.15, Evan Sinclair 43rd 25:09.06 (PR)

Results from the Sabetha Invitational on October 6:

Girls Fun Run 6th-8th Grade – Ava Handke 1st, Addison Potts 3rd

Girls Fun Run 3rd-5th Grade – Maisie Gilliland 3rd

Boys Fun Run 6th-8th Cale Lanter 5th, Trevor Sinclair 10th

Varsity Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 20th 24:37.8, Leah Wilson 23rd 24:58.1

JV Girls 5k –  Anna Falk 5th 29:03.0, Avery Handke 13th 34:53.4

Varsity Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 14th 18:58.6, Conner Simmers 39th 21:00.0

JV Boys 5k – Ethan Brooks 12th 21:15.3 (PR), Evan Sinclair 30th 26:51.2 (PR), Mason Green 32nd 27:42.7

Results from the first ever NorthEast Kansas League Middle School Cross Country Championship on October 3:

7th and 8th Grade Girls 2.1 mile – Ava Handke 3rd 16:25.44, Addison Potts 11th 19:31.59

7th and 8th Grade Boys 2.1 mile –  Cale Lanter 19th 17:12.50, Tucker McKee 23rd 18:17.56, Trevor Sinclair 30th 20:39.56

Results from the Horton Invitational on September 29:

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Tucker McKee 10th 14:54.18, Cale Lanter 11th 15:01.69 (PR), Tucker Sinclair 29th 19:53.81

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Ava Handke 2nd 14:08.45, Addison Potts 9th 17:42.00

JV Girls 5k – Anna Falk 6th 29:49.53, Avery Handke 23rd 36:35.4

JV Boys 5k - Evan Sinclair 23rd 27:55.9 (PR)

Varsity Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 17th 24:18.33, Leah Wilson 23rd 25:37.39

Varsity Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 6th 18:29.16, Conner Simmers 44th 21:22.47

Results from the Nemaha Central Invitational on September 22:

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Tucker McKee 12th 14:48.9 (PR), Cale Lanter 15th 15:13.8 (PR)

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Ava Handke 3rd 13:44 (PR), Addison Potts 5th 14:34.9(PR)

JV Girls 5k – Anna Falk 2nd 27:34.2 (PR), Bryn Wagner 5th 30:43.6 (PR), Avery Handke 10th 35:49.6

JV Boys 5k - Evan Sinclair 17th 29:23.5

Varsity Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 13th 23:57.7, Leah Wilson 17th 24:10.6

Varsity Boys 5k – Ben Rush 14th 19:34.3, Conner Simmers 38th 21:42.0, Ethan Brooks 48th 22:53.2 (PR)

Results from the Hiawatha Invitational on September 15:

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Tucker McKee 11th 15:14, Cale Lanter 20th 17:28

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Ava Handke 3rd 15:26, Addison Potts 10th 17:45

JV Girls 5k – Anna Falk 7th 31:18, Bryn Wagner 10th 35:15

JV Boys 5k - Devyn Cummings 10th 23:57, Ethan Brooks 16th 24:41, Mason Green 26th 28:38

Varsity Girls 5k – Rebekah Caplinger 16th 25:50.2, Leah Wilson 17th, 25:50.4

Varsity Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 14th 19:10, Ben Rush 27th 20:33, Conner Simmers 49th 22:39

Results from the Jackson Heights Middle School Invitational on September 12:

8th Grade Girls 2 mile – Ava Handke 2nd 16:51.8, Addison Potts 7th 19:02.3

7th Grade Boys 2 mile – Tucker McKee 9th 17:36.5, Cale Lanter 11th 18:12.1

Results from the Holton Invitational on September 8:

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile – Cale Lanter 16th 16:47, Tucker McKee 21st 17:51

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile – Ava Handke 4th 16:39

JV Boys 5k – Ethan Brooks, Devyn Cummings, Mason Green

JV Girls 5k – Anna Falk 3rd 32:59, Avery Handke 5th 36:15, Bryn Wagner 6th 36:24

Varsity Girls 5k – Leah Wilson 15th 26:20, Rebekah Caplinger 25th 27:55

Varsity Boys 5k – Haeden Forbes 24th 20:40, Ben Rush 36th 21:52, Conner Simmers 38th 21:59

Results from the Jeff West Invitational on September 1:

7th Boys 1 mile – Tucker McKee 5th 6:44, Cale Lanter 9th 6:59

8th Girls 2 mile – Ava Handke 23rd 16:15, Addison Potts 24th 16:23

High School Girls 5k – Leah Wilson 21st 26:44, Rebekah Caplinger 28th 27:43, Anna Falk 54th 33:19, Avery Handke 59th 34:39, Bryn Wagner 60th 36:34

High School Boys 5k – Devyn Cummings 44th 23:50, Ethan Brooks 55th 26:51