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End of Year Resources and Notifications


Supply Orders for 2024-2025

Over the next few weeks, you will be making important decisions relative to the purchasing of items for next year. Please make those decisions based on the school district's vision, mission, and curriculum goals.

Order what you NEED for next year.  IF it is something you WANT, please visit with your Principal or Supervisor. 

 It is recommended that teachers use School Specialty.  Please be aware that pricing and vendors on Amazon change all the time. Provide as much information when submitting a request from Amazon ( please print a copy of the item with the information and attach to the purchase order) and pay close attention to the inventory on the Amazon site when preparing the order.  If the item is out of stock no substitutions will be made.  Joy or Abby will get a hold of you to come in and discuss changes.

All instructional supply spreadsheets are due by April 12th.

How to Submit Your Orders. Staff members must use a Google Sheet to submit supply requests.  It is recommended that staff create their own Google Sheet form for simplicity purposes. Click here to go to a forced copy of  Google supply/equipment sheet.  The link will ask you to make a copy, this will allow you to complete it online.  Once filled out, print and submit to your building supervisor along with all other necessary documentation needed for ordering. YOU MUST COMPLETE A SEPERATE SHEET FOR EACH PLACE  YOU ARE ORDERING FROM. 


  1. Budget requests must be based on actual needs to support the educational program in existence or as planned for the next school year.
  2. Since funds are always limited, priorities must be established within departments, subject areas, school buildings and on a district-wide basis.
  3. Requests should be based on current inventories and projected use for the upcoming school year. This may require that you contact your building principal or counselor to find out enrollment estimates for your next year’s classes.
  4. A request that is unusual or particularly costly in nature must include written justification.

Make sure each Google worksheet form contains all information necessary to place the order:

  1. Full name, address, phone number and fax number of recommended supplier;
  2. Quantity, Item Description, Color, Catalog Number and Page Number, etc.;
  3. A brief description of need or purpose;
  4. Price of item (actual price, if available, or your best estimate);
  5. Line item code #;
  6. Estimated shipping costs must be included in the Grand Total.  If you do not know your shipping costs, add 10%.
  7. Do not include sales tax; the school district is tax exempt.

School Specialty Instructions

Go to    

  • You will type in username:   atchison377   password:    usd377Tigers   (case sensitive with the capital T)
  • You will be asked to add in your email SO that your cart is linked to YOU and we know who is submitting the cart.
  • Shop and place items needed in the cart.  
  • When done with cart- Print a cart and follow approval as you have in the past sending to building principal and then Superintendent.  
  • HOWEVER, before you log out- SUBMIT your cart after printing so the cart goes to Kathy for approval.  
  • When she gets final paper approval she will then be able to go back in and pull up the cart by email and approve and Add PO – then she will SUBMIT to School Specialty. 

End of Year Inventory Sheets 

Staff members are not allowed to exchange, trade or bequeath any school property with/to another teacher, building or department unless permission is granted from administration. Equipment assigned to a building, area or room must stay put and be listed on the Google Document inventory sheet that is required for checkout. There have been times when a departing teacher gave his/her chair or desk to another teacher, which creates an inventory dilemma. If administration grants permission for an items location to be changed, this must be communicated so that the inventory can be updated. 

Disposal of property requires board approval

If you have surplus equipment that you would like to dispose of or removed from your area, a list of items deemed as “SURPLUS” should be turned into your Building Principal prior checkout time. We will make arrangements through your building principal to take care of your request.

The board may dispose of school property in any manner it deems to be in the best interests of the district. Disposing of property requires a majority vote (KSA 72-3216(d)).

Summer Maintenance and Technology Requests (2024)

– Deadline April 24th 

All summer maintenance and Technology Requests whould be email to:  Please use the subject line summer maintenance or summer technology on your email as well as cc your building prinicpal.  DEADLINE IS April 24th   

Summer maintenance work projects submitted should be for work requested by the maintenance departments.  Examples:  Room painted, promethean board projector does not project as bright as it should, etc. ‚Äč

End of the Year Checkout 

Returning staff

Every staff member must checkout at the end of the school year through their building principal. All keys must be turned in to either the building principal or supervisor.

Non-returning staff

Non-returning staff are required to go through a more extensive checkout procedure, depending on each person’s job assignment. Failure to appropriately checkout may result in the district holding your final paycheck.

EOY Teacher Checkout Form must be completed and signed off by your building principal before leaving for the summer.

EOY Building Keys Check-in

All returning staff must turn in keys to their principal or supervisor at the end of the school year. If you wish to keep any keys over the summer, they must be listed on your EOY checkout sheet.

EOY Reminders and Planning for 2024-2025

All known field trips, activities, fundraisers, or other items needing administration and/or board approval need to be submitted prior to check out. 

Early Retirement Notice for Teachers

- Deadline April 1st

Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Early Retirement Notice, April 1st

Teachers planning to retire with at least 20 years or more of teaching experience in USD 377 who wish to receive the early retirement incentive, need to notify the Superintendent or Clerk by April 1st.

Health Insurance for early retirees (certified only) with 20 years in the district. Retiring teachers shall receive $2,001 dollars credit annually not to exceed 5 years towards the district’s group health insurance plan provided to all current employees. This credit will be the maximum amount paid for health insurance and this amount will not increase if the costs of insurance increases. The retiring teacher must have been participating in the district’s group health insurance plan for the two consecutive school years prior to the date of retirement. Early retirement benefits will terminate at the death of the retired teacher, or after five years in this early retirement program, or upon reaching eligibility for Medicare.

Movement Across Salary Schedule

- Deadline to notify Central Office is April 1st

Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Move across salary schedule, April 1st

  • Teachers who plan to move laterally on the salary schedule need to notify the Central Office by April 1st.
  • Certified Staff Under the Negotiated Agreement - Lump Sum Summer Payment, April 1st

Teachers wanting to take a lump sum salary payment for the summer need to notify the Superintendent or Clerk by April 1st.

REMINDER: If you received a lump sum last year, you will continue to receive a lump sum unless you notify us in writing to discontinue.