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HS Softball



Day Date Opponent(s) Location Level Start Depart Return Misc
                Parents Meeting
Mon Feb-27             1st Practice
Thu Mar-23 Riverside Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu Mar-30 Mclouth Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-3 Troy Troy Varsity 4:30 PM 2:45 PM 10:00 PM  
Thu Apr-6 Pleasant Ridge Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-10 Doniphan West Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu Apr-13 Oskaloosa Oskaloosa Varsity 4:30 PM 3:00 PM 10:00 PM  
Mon Apr-17 Jeff County North Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-24 Valley Falls Valley falls Varsity 4:30 PM 3:00 PM 9:00 PM  
Thu Apr-27 Horton Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM     Parents night
Mon May-1     Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu       Varsity 4:30 PM      
Tue May-9 Onaga Onaga Varsity 4:30 PM 2:30 PM 10:00 PM  
Mon May-15 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD TBD    
Tue May-16 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD TBD    
Wed May-17 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD TBD    
Thu May-25 Class 3A State Tny Manhattan Varsity TBD TBD    


The purpose of this handbook is to communicate the fundamental beliefs and expectations of the Atchison County Community High School softball program. As a player of this team it is important to remember that it is a privilege. Players must recognize the responsibilities , expectations and behaviors required to be a member of this team.


Coaching Philosophy

Playing softball is intended to be fun. We are a family. We will strengthen each other and be positive role models for younger female athletes and contributing citizens to our community. A player's integrity is of most importance. We will always display outstanding character qualities, effort and encouragement because that’s what a family does. We will lift each other up, we will cheer each other on, we are a family, no one gets left behind.


-We will always shake the officials hand when the game is over


  • Inappropriate language and smack talking to umps, or opposing team will NOT occur

  • We will out hustle every team on and off of the field

  • We will encourage everyone

  • We will practice and play with our best effort

  • Everyone has a role in this family

  • We are here to have fun

  • Laziness is not tolerated

  • We will represent this school and community in a positive way

  • We will be a role model to those around us, especially younger female athletes


As a coach and mentor to these young ladies; I have an open door policy, softball related or not I am here for you ANY time of the day.


Core Values:


-Hard Work Ethic



Practice Schedule and Attendance

  • Practice begins @ 3:30p.m

  • Practice will usually last at least 2hrs

You are expected to attend EVERY practice. Players that are late or missing will receive extra conditioning, or field responsibilities and possible loss of playing time.

Extra conditioning is made up the day after missed practice or on Friday’s.

School Policy does not allow you to practice unless you have attended a half day of school


It is the player's responsibility to communicate missed practices in writing, text, or e-mail

Doctor or other appts. Notes should be provided to the coach if a player should miss.


Injured players are expected to attend and maintain the same schedule


Dual Sport Athletes


Athletes that are willing to work hard in two sports must work out a practice schedule and are expected to communicate with both coaches.

It is important that as an athlete you understand playing time may be affected by the time lost to track practice and meets. Please do not abuse the privilege of getting to participate in both sports.




Practice will be outside as much as possible. Game days be prepared to practice if game is rained out. Even if the weather is cold we must be prepared to practice outside.

Always keep an extra bag with things you may need:


  • Hoodie

  • Tights

  • Gloves

  • Shorts

  • Stocking hat

  • Sweat pants , practice pants

  • Wind breaker


School Disciplinary Policy


Student Athletes are expected to remain a student in good standing in order to participate in games. Players should take responsibility in this area.


Use of Drugs, TObacco, and Alcohol


Use of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol are illegal and will not be tolerated

The District Policy will be followed


Disciplinary Actions



  • Arriving late without notification

  • Inappropriate classroom behavior

  • Missing practice

  • Lying to a coach

  • Not prepared for practice

  • Receive a school detention

  • Low grade

  • Open defiance towards coach’s

  • Negative remarks, attitudes, expression towards others or about playing time

  • Game or bench misconduct

  • ISS or OSS

  • Use of cell phone during practice or during a game



  • Extra conditioning

  • Extra field duties

  • Loss of playing time

  • Suspension from games

  • Removal from team


Game Day

  • You will dress alike the day of a game

  • You will be on time to the field/bus and come prepared

  • Everyone will help with equipment

  • You will stand and cheer if you are in the dugout

  • The use of cellphones in dugouts is not tolerated

  • Parents must sign you out before leaving the game


Tiger Positive Talk Fridays

Fridays we will set aside time to have positive talk and encouragement. Each player will say one positive thing about another player, softball related or not.


“Sports do not build character they reveal it”

Softball 2017 scheduletiger-softball-mascot_jpg_w180h193.jpg


DATE                                   WHERE                                                             DISMISS


Tues. March 28th            @  Oskaloosa                                                       2:15 pm


Monday April 3rd             @ Nemaha                                                           1:45 pm


Tuesday April 4th            HOME vs. Nemaha   JV GAME                      3:00pm


Thurs. April 6th                HOME vs. Hiawatha                                          3:00pm


Tuesday April 11th          HOME vs. Atchison                                           3:00pm


Thursday April 20th        HOME vs. Jeff West                                          3:00 pm


Friday April 21st                @ Hiawatha JV GAME                                   2:30pm


Monday April 24th           HOME vs. Sabetha                                              3:00pm


Thursday April 27th        @ Royal Valley                                                   2:15pm


Friday April 28th             HOME vs. Royal Valley JV GAME                3:00pm


Monday May 1st               HOME vs. Holton                                                   3:00pm


Tuesday May 2nd            @ Holton JV GAME                                            2:30pm


Thursday May 4th           @ Riverside                                                          1:45pm


Monday May 8th              @ Perry                                                                    2:15pm

Monday May 15th           Regionals                                                                       TBA


  • All games have a 4:30pm start time




Personal Goal:


Team Goal:




HS Softball Practices

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Physical Form-PPE
Concussion Form
Substance Abuse Agreement
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