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HS Baseball




Head Coach – Paul Courter

Assistant Coach – Randy Cattrell



Varsity Baseball Schedule 
Last name First Name Grade Jersey No. Position Shirt Size
Navinskey Levi 12th 5 UTIL, P  
Hetherington Marcus 12th 11 3B, C,  OF  
Siard Jarid 12th 3  P, RF  
Beagle Trenton 11th 16 OF, UTIL, P  
Brull Tanner 11th 10 OF, UTIL, P  
Koontz Gage 10th 6 2B, UTIL, P  
Koontz Gunnar 10th 20 OF, 3B, P  
Page Brodie 10th 12 C, OF, P  
Wilson Bailey 10th 4 1B, 2B, P  
Courter Keiran 9th 7 SS, C, OF, P  
Keith Ryan 9th 2 1B, UTIL, P  
Kramer Wyatt 9th 14 OF, UTIL, P  
Miller Caleb 9th 8 SS, OF, P  
Scholz Mason 9th 1 SS, 2B, OF, P  
Managers: Emilee Falk, Seth Nehl, Hailey Rush

Day Date Opponent(s) Location Level Start Depart Return Misc
Mon Feb-27             1st Practice
Mon               spring Pictures
Thu       Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu Mar-30 Mclouth Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-3 Troy Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu Apr-6 Pleasant ridge Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-10   Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu Apr-13 Oskaloosa Oskaloosa Varsity 4:30 PM 3:00 PM 10:00 PM  
Mon Apr-17 Jeff county North Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Thu       Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon Apr-24 Valley Falls Valley falls Varsity 4:30 PM 3:00 PM 10:00 PM  
Thu Apr-27 Horton Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon May-1 Maur Hill Maur Hill Varsity 4:30 PM 3:00 PM 10:00 PM  
Thu May-4 Riverside Effingham Varsity 4:30 PM     Parents night
Tues May-9 Onaga Onaga Varsity 4:30 PM      
Mon May-15 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD      
Tue May-16 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD      
Wed May-17 Regionals TBD Varsity TBD      
thu May-18 Regionals TBD          
Thu May-25 Class 3A State Tny Manhattan Varsity TBD      
Fri May-26 Class 3A State Tny Manhattan Varsity TBD      


KSHSAA Pitch Count Rule –  2019 Baseball Season

NFHS Baseball Rule 6-2-6 now states, “Each NFHS member state association will be required to develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game to afford pitchers a required rest period between pitching appearances.”

Pitches Required Rest

  • 76-105  =  4 days
  • 61-75  =   3 days
  • 46-60 = 2 days
  • 31-45 = 1 day
  • 1-30 = 0 days rest

More Information:

  • The above pitch count chart applies to all levels of competition.
  • Required rest means calendar days. Throwing 105 pitches on Monday means the required rest period will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The first available day to return to competitive pitching is Saturday.
  • All pitch count guidelines apply to an individual pitcher on a daily basis. For example, a pitcher could pitch in both games of a double header, not to exceed 105 pitches. The total number of pitches the pitcher throws that day will determine the pitcher’s days of rest that must follow the double header.
  • A player’s pitch count and required days of rest apply to games at any and all levels of play.
  • Example: Player A throws 62 pitches in a junior varsity game. Player A must rest 3 days before pitching in a JV, Varsity or other sublevel game.
  • Number of pitches are competitive pitches only. Warmup or bullpen pitches do not count.
  • *A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they reach the max of 105 in the middle of the at bat.
  • If the pitcher is ambidextrous, the pitch count guidelines apply to the individual pitcher, not to the individual arm.


Penalty: Violation of the maximum pitch count (105)* in one day or the required days of rest that accompanies the respective pitch count will result in immediate ineligibility of the violating player. The player is not eligible to participate in a contest until reinstated by the KSHSAA. The coach may complete the day of competition however must be reinstated by the KSHSAA before returning to coach at a subsequent date. The game in which the violation occurs will result in forfeiture.

State Adopted Baseball

The KSHSAA has signed an agreement with Diamond (D1NFHS) to be the official baseball used in all postseason tournaments through the 2019 season. As schools begin placing orders for next year they should keep this in mind. During the regular season schools may use any ball with the NFHS authenticating mark. The KSHSAA has signed a five year agreement (through 2019) with Diamond to use the “D1NFHS” as the “Official Baseball” for all KSHSAA postseason events.

Below are bat specifications for high school play. 

I recommend that players find a bat with a length of 31", 32", or 33".  Typically the bat length range is from 30-34" and a barrel of 2 5/8 inches.  I always go for the lightest weight at the most comfortable length with the BBCOR standard for HS play. Any sports rep at Academy or Dick's will be able to show you which bats are most popular and legal.  Always get the big barrel – 2 5/8”


A bat without the BBCOR marking is illegal for use in games or practices. 


"BBCOR Baseball Bats"

BBCOR Baseball Bats feature a barrel that does not exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter and at the most, a -3 length to weight ratio. BBCOR bats are considered Adult Baseball bats and are required for play in High School and Collegiate leagues while some Middle School leagues will also require all baseball bats to carry the BBCOR .50 certification mark on their barrel or taper. 

Baseball Bat Rule

Beginning January 1, 2012, all bats not made of a single piece of wood shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of a half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color. Aluminum and composite bats shall be labeled as approved tamper evident, and be marked as to being aluminum or composite. This marking shall be silkscreen or other permanent certification mark, a minimum of one-half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color.

A bat without the BBCOR marking is illegal for use in games or practices. Coaches are responsible for making sure all bats meet the NFHS standard.

Bats that are altered from the manufacturer’s original design and production, or that do not meet the rule specifications, are illegal (See 7-4-1a). No foreign substance may be inserted into the bat. Bats that are broken, cracked or dented or that deface the ball, i.e., tear the ball, shall be removed without penalty. A bat that continually discolors the ball may be removed from the game with no penalty at the discretion of the umpire.M.

Rationale: Recent bat products have circumvented the intent and spirit of the current rule. Improvements in science and technology now allow this change that will require bats to be within performance limits during the life of the bat. In addition, this change will minimize the ability for the bat to be tampered or altered.

Decertified Bat List (as of 1/18/13)

  • Reebok Vector TLS 32" length
  • Reebok Vector TLS 33" length
  • Marucci CAT5 33" length

KSHSAA Regulations

Warm-up locations
When teams are warming up and stretching in the outfield area prior to the beginning of the timed infield warm-up the visiting team should use the right field area to stretch and throw. The home team should use the left field area to stretch and warm-up. The centerfield area not be occupied by teams stretching. This creates situations where unsporting behavior takes place as one team is doing sprints and running through the team stretching.

PA Announcers
PA announcers may play appropriate music between innings. Between batters the result of the previous play may be announced and the upcoming batter, music may be played between batters during the regular season (If music is played during the regular season in between at bats and the umpire deems it is slowing down play then he/she has authority to discontinue); however no music between at bats during the postseason.

Rule 32
No team (at any level) shall participate in more than twenty games of interschool competition during a season, exclusive of the state championship series. Only ten of twenty dates may involve school time. A student may participate in twenty-six games of interschool competition during the season, exclusive of the state championship series. A player entering the game as a pinch hitter, pinch runner, or courtesy runner counts as a game played, even if they were in the game for one at bat, one out, etc.

Courtesy Runners
If a team has a pinch hitter for the pitcher who reaches base in order to have a courtesy runner for that position the pitcher must be re-entered (his one re-entry and the pinch hitter have now been exhausted) with the pitcher now on first, it is permissible to bring in the courtesy runner for the pitcher. A courtesy runner can not be used for the pinch hitter. The person the courtesy runner is running for must be the pitcher/catcher of record from the last half-inning. Entry as a courtesy runner counts as one of the 20 allowable playing dates.

Home Run Celebrations
No team personnel other than a batter, runner, on-deck batter, occupant of coach’s box or a defensive player should be in live ball territory. Players may come out of the dug-out to greet player(s) after an over the fence homerun. (This is a dead ball) No player should be on the opposing teams side of home plate and no one may make contact with a runner prior to them making contact with home plate.

Pre-game Infield warm-up period,br> During each teams pre-game warm up period on the field the opposing team is to be in the team dug-out, not out on the field of play watching warm-ups. There are some teams that use this as an intimidation tactic. Rule 3-3-1-g is the rule reference.

3-3-1 “A coach, player, substitute, attendant or other bench personnel shall not:

   g. commit any unsportsmanlike act to include, but not limited to:

  1. use of words or actions to incite or attempt to incite spectators demonstrations.
  2. use of profanity, intimidation tactics, remarks reflecting unfavorably upon any other person, or taunting or baiting.
  3. use of any language intended to intimidate,
  4. behavior in any manner not in accordance with the spirit of fair play;
  5. be in live ball territory (excluding team’s bullpen area) during the opponent’s infield practice prior to the start of the game.

The home team should take infield first which should be 12-15 minutes long. Games should start at the time designated.

Called/Suspended Game
By KSHSAA adoption, a game called for any reason, where a winner cannot be determined, or any game called at any time for mechanical failure will be treated as a suspended game. If the game is to be completed it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the lineup and batting order of each team the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules of the game. Please refer to the KSHSAA Baseball/Softball manual for additional information.

Game Ending Procedures
The 10 run rule is mandatory for regular season and post season baseball and softball. If the home team is ahead by 10 runs after 4 ½ innings or the visiting team ahead by 10 runs after 5 innings the game shall be called.

The 15 run rule will be used for all regional games. The rule states that if the home team is ahead by 15 runs after 2 ½ innings or the visiting team is ahead by 15 runs after 3 innings, the game may be called. During the regular season, the schools must mutually agree to this rule before it is used.

Pitching Regulations
Pitchers in baseball may pitch only nine innings in any one day. A pitcher is allowed a maximum accumulation of 12 innings during any 48 hour period. Please refer to the KSHSAA Baseball/Softball Manual for details, Section 2.C.

Coach’s Uniform
If a coach is in a live ball area, they must be in the team uniform. Any exceptions to that must be approved by the KSHSAA.

KSHSAA Ejection Policy
If a coach is ejected they are to leave the vicinity of the playing field. The coach may not be in the dug out or go sit in the stands. If it is the first game of a double header, they may return for the second game providing the school and/or league policy provide for their return. The KSHSAA does not prohibit them from returning for the second game.

If a player is ejected, they must stay in the dugout and the coach is to supervise him. If they continue to be a problem, a school administrator or an assistant coach should take the player outside the dugout and away from the vicinity of the field to supervise him. If no administrator is available, the coach would have to escort the player from the dugout and away from the field. If there is no other coach to coach the team the game would be forfeited.


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