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May 12, 2021 - Regular Session

Unified School District #377 Board of Education

USD 377 Administrative Building, 306 Main Street, Effingham, KS 66023

(913) 833-5050 / FAX (913) 833-5210 /

BEST Students, BEST Staff, BEST Schools!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


(A) – Action Item(s)    (D) – Discussion Item


1.01    Call the meeting to order

1.02     Approval of the agenda



Speakers are encouraged to register by calling the Clerk of the Board at (913) 833‐5050 by 2:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Speakers may also register at the BOE meeting site, prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Hearing of Audience Rules:

  • Presentations shall not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Subjects, other than policy issues, will generally be referred to the administration.
  • Comments shall be limited to issues and not refer to personalities.
  • Presentations must be in good taste befitting the occasion and the dignity of the board meeting.
  • When addressing the board, please be reminded that matters of a personal nature which, by their nature, identify an individual are prohibited by federal law in public discussion. Please assist us in protecting the privacy rights of students and staff.

Other Notes

The Board President shall be responsible for recognizing any speaker, maintaining proper order, and adhering to the set time limit.  The President may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement if it is disruptive, not germane to the business or activities of the Board, or in violation of Kansas Statutes regarding meetings or activities of the Board.

The Board President may deny any individual speaking privileges if previous conduct of the individual has indicated that the orderly conduct of a meeting may be threatened by that person’s appearance.  The President has the option to stop the proceedings and poll the Board to determine if a speaker may continue.

During an open session, the Board shall not hear personal attacks, or rude or defamatory remarks of any kind about any employee or student of the School District or any person connected with the School District. The Board will also not accept public comments containing vulgar or obscene language.  Any individual wishing to make a complaint about school personnel shall submit the complaint in writing to the Superintendent.  If the complaint involves the Superintendent it shall be submitted in writing to the President of the Board.




State Championships:    Seth Nehl

  • 9th Place -- Poetry Interpretation
  • 4th Place -- Prose Interpretation

State Festival:    Alexis Harris

  • I Rating -- Poetry Interpretation 
  • II Rating -- Prose Interpretation

State Music “I” Ratings 

  • General Band
  • Kassandra Reynolds - Flute Solo
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Soundmasters Boys Ensemble
  • Soundmaster Mixed Ensemble
  • Caleb Miller -- Piano
  • Ashtyn Jolly -- vocal solo
  • Kieran Courter -- vocal solo

District FFA Contests:

Ag Business Management - 3rd place Overall A-team

  • Mason Scholz-5th High Individual Overall
  • Other team members: Emilee Falk, Jenna Pitts, Addison Schletzbaum

Ag Business Management - 3rd place Overall B-team

  • Team Members: Landon Brown, Allie Bilderback, Haeden Forbes, Colby Smith and Canyon Tull

Livestock Judging - 10th Overall B-team

  • Emma Lanter-17th Overall Individual
  • Addison Schletzbaum-19th Overall Individual
  • Team Members-Maci Behrnes,Malorie Bosch, Dani Chew, Ashtyn Jolly, Jenna Pitts, Hannah Simmers and Canyon Tull

Vet Science - 2nd Place Overall in B-Division

  • Maci Behrnes-2nd High Individual Overall
  • Jodi Banks-6th High Individual Overall
  • Ashtyn Jolly-8th High Individual Overall
  • Gunnar Koontz-11th High Individual Overall

Mike Wessel--  1st place in the Rookie Conventional category at Bus Driver Competition

Rebecca Statler – 2021 Governor’s Scholar Recipient

NEKL Art Show:

  • Aaron Ricketts – 1st Place clay food art display
  • Hailey Rush – 2nd Place 2-D Bee Drawing
  • Alexis Harris – 2nd Place Clay Joker Incense burner

Noelle Walters – 2021 Atchison Rotary Educator of the Year

Misty Poe –  For making RealityU a possibility for our students. 


4.01     Approval of Minutes from April 14, 2021

4.02     Approval of Financials

4.0201 Activity Reports, Bills & Claims 

4.0202 Treasurer's Report

4.03     Acceptance of Gifts & Grants

4.04     Acceptance of Keystone Correspondences/Reports

4.0401 Keystone Superintendent’s Meeting Minutes from April 13, 2021

4.0402 Keystone Board  Meeting Minutes from April 21, 2021 (unofficial)

4.0403 Quarter 3 PAT Report 

4.0404  Keystone Superintenden’s Meeting DRAFT Agenda May 11, 2021

4.05     Approve 2 units of PAT Services from Keystone for the 2021-2022 School year. 

4.06    Acceptance of ACCSEF Minutes

4.0601 February 1, 2021

4.0602 March 8, 2021

4.0603 April 21, 2021

4.07    Acceptance of Quarterly QZAB Statement

4.08    Accept the E-Rate Funding Commitment Letter

4.09    Acceptance of the Personnel Report

4.10    Acceptance of the Summer Personnel Report

4.11    Acceptance of the Correspondence from KSDE

4.1101    Level of Determination “Meets Requirements” letter

4.1102    Transportation Department Letter 

4.12   Acceptance of Correspondence from ACCES PTO

4.1201    ACCES PTO Minutes from February 9, 2021 

4.1202    ACCES PTO Agenda for May 11, 2021

4.13  Approval of new gym floor design

4.14   Acceptance of agreement with Amberwell Health for Sports Training services. 

4.15   Approval of Depository Resolution for State of Kansas Municipal Investment Pool 

4.16  Acceptance of the Greenbush Energy Group Letter.

4.17   Approval of the Greenbush Energy Group participation agreement. 

RECOMMENDATION:   To approve the consent agenda as presented.


5.01     Ms. Gormley, Board Clerk

5.02     Principals’ Reports

5.03     Superintendent’s Report

5.04      Keystone Report




7.01   Rescinding of Reopening Plans and COVID Protocols (A)

Purpose:  As we approach the end of the school year as well as improved conditions regarding COVID 19, the protocols to manage the pandemic are no longer needed.  

Recommendation:  To rescind all of the Reopening and COVID Plans/Protocols at the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year. 



Recommendation (10 minutes): Move to go into executive session to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel in order to protect the privacy interests of the individual/s to be discussed, and that the board returns to open session in this room at_______.  


9.01   OTHER