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Budget Overview

Budget Overview

FORM 150 Notice (Form 151 replaces form 150)

With the passage of Senate Bill 21 during the 2011 legislative session, school districts are now required to post on their district's website, Form 150 for the Estimated Legal Maximum General Fund Budget calculation. Using information extracted from past years enrollment trends, Form 150 reflects the best estimate of student enrollment based on weighted categories calculations. 

School Finance History - A summary of 2015 legislation which enacted the Classroom Learning Assuring Student Success Act (CLASS Act) that replaced the 1992 school finance formula. Also provides a history of school finance legislation beginning in 1992 through the enactment of the 2015 CLASS Act. -  Published by KLRD July 15, 2015. 

What budget documents are USDs required to post on their district website? (repeat of listserv message 8/14/15)

1. Per K.S.A. 72-1167, listed below are requirements for publication on each school district’s internet website:

a) “form 150, estimated legal maximum general fund budget, or any successor document containing the same or similar information;” 

b) the Budget-at-a-Glance; and

c) the one-page Budget Summary (open budget file called sumexpen.xlsx – worksheet labeled “1 Pg Summary”)

Publications required by this statute “shall be published with an easily identifiable link located on such district’s website homepage.”

These publications “shall be made available to the public at every meeting held by the board of education of each school district when the board is discussing the district’s budget or any other school finance matter. “

2017-2018 Budget

2016-2017 Budget

2015-2016 Budget

2014-2015 Budget Year

Budget Forms

Budget Summary of Expenditures

Form 150

Budget at a Glance

Budget Codes

2013-2014 Budget Year

USD 377 - Form 150 (2013-2014)

USD 377 Budget Binder 2013-2014

2012-2013 Budget Year

USD 377 -  Form 150 (2012-2013)

USD 377 Budget Binder 2012-2013

Audited Enrollment/Legal Budget Maximum - KSDE Notifications