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November 13, 2017 - Regular Session

Unified School District #377 Board of Education

USD 377 Administrative Building

306 Main Street, Effingham, KS 66023

(913) 833-5050 / FAX (913) 833-5210 /

Monday, November 13, 2017


   (A) – Action Item(s)    (D) – Discussion Item



1.01    Call the meeting to order

1.02    Approval of the agenda

Recommendation:  TO APPROVE THE AGENDA


Speakers are encouraged to register by calling the Clerk of the Board at (913) 833‐5050 by 2:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Speakers may also register at the BOE meeting site, prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Hearing of Audience Rules:

  • Presentations shall not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Subjects, other than policy issues, will generally be referred to the administration.
  • Comments shall be limited to issues and not refer to personalities.
  • Presentations must be in good taste befitting the occasion and the dignity of the board meeting.
  • When addressing the board, please be reminded that matters of a personal nature which, by their nature, identify an individual are prohibited by federal law in public discussion. Please assist us in protecting the privacy rights of students and staff.

Other Notes

The Board President shall be responsible for recognizing any speaker, maintaining proper order, and adhering to the set time limit.  The President may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement if it is disruptive, not germane to the business or activities of the Board, or in violation of Kansas Statutes regarding meetings or activities of the Board.

The Board President may deny any individual speaking privileges if previous conduct of the individual has indicated that the orderly conduct of a meeting may be threatened by that person’s appearance.  The President has the option to stop the proceedings and poll the Board to determine if a speaker may continue.

During an open session, the Board shall not hear personal attacks, or rude or defamatory remarks of any kind about any employee or student of the School District or any person connected with the School District. The Board will also not accept public comments containing vulgar or obscene language.  Any individual wishing to make a complaint about school personnel shall submit the complaint in writing to the Superintendent.  If the complaint involves the Superintendent it shall be submitted in writing to the President of the Board.




  • Elementary Student Council and Sponsor, Natalie Brammer, will make a short presentation on all the various activities the elementary student council will be working on this school year.


  •  State Cross Country -- Victoria Caplinger - 29th place
  • Big 7 All League Volleyball
    • Katie Bein – 1st Team
    • Sara Johnson – Hon. Mention
    • Karlie Parnell – Hon. Mention
  • Big 7 All League Football
    • Tucker Smith  – Hon. Mention RB



4.01     Approval of Minutes from October 9, 2017

4.02     Approval of Financials

4.0201 Activity Reports, Bills & Claims

4.0202 Treasurer's Report

4.03     Acceptance of Gifts & Grants

4.04     Acceptance of Keystone Correspondences

4.0401 Keystone Superintendents’ Council Minutes for 10/10/2017

4.0402 Keystone BOD Agenda for October 18, 2017

4.0403 Keystone BOD Minutes from 10/18/2017 (unofficial)

4.0404 Keystone Superintendent’s Council Agenda for 11/7/2017

4.0405 Keystone Personnel Report

4.0406 Keystone Superintendent’s Council Minutes for 11/7/2017

4.0407 Keystone BOD Agenda and Packet for 11/15/17

4.05    Acceptance of the amended Preferred Vendor List

4.06    Approval of the Personnel Report

4.07    Approve out of District Student Requests

4.08    Accept approved Field Trip Requests





5.01     Mrs. Gracey, Board Clerk

5.02     Administrative  Reports

5.03     Superintendent’s Report

5.04     Keystone Report


6.0        Old Business

6.01 New Access Card Readers for DO & JSH (D)

Purpose: To discuss changing the Access Card Readers at the DO & JSH to match what is currently being used at the ES.

Background: The district currently operates two different card reader systems. The system used at the DO and JSH is older and out of date.  The system does not allow the cards to be programed like the system at the ES and the cards are no longer available.  If we transition to one system district wide we would be able to better secure our buildings.

Supporting Documents:

Sound Products Bid

Recommendation: To take no action on changing the access card readers at the DO and JSH..


7.0        New  Business

7.01     FBLA Proposal (A)

Purpose:  Propose reinstating the FBLA Chapter for the 2018-2019 School year.

Background: Some time ago, the FBLA Chapter ceased to exist.  The charter for the chapter is still on the books with the State FBLA and can be reinstated by simply paying the dues.  There is student interest in reinstating the chapter and it will provide real world opportunities for our students.  The cost for reinstating the chapter would be the advisor stipend of $715.40 or 2% of the Base.  Dalton Minor will make this proposal.

Recommendation:  To reinstate the FBLA Chapter for the 2018-19 School year.


7.02   School Store Proposal (D)

Purpose: Mr. Minor and some students will propose starting a school store.

Background: Mr. Minor has been working with his students to develop a business plan for beginning a school store.  They will share their ideas for not only the present but for the future as the store grows.  This is a great opportunity for students to work hands on in different aspects of running a business.

Recommendation:  To discuss and provide feedback to Mr. Minor and his students for moving forward with the store.  


7.03     KESA Goals  (A)

Purpose:  To approve the KESA Goals set by the District Leadership Team. Action Plans will be developed to assist in meeting these goals.

Goal 1: Develop and refine systematic processes to use appropriate data interpretation to promote effective learning for each student.

Goal 2: Develop and refine collaborative systematic processes for evaluating and updating curriculum to meet each student’s learning needs.

Recommendation:  To approve the District KESA Goals as presented.


7.04    Parent/Student Handbook Policy Additions (A)

Purpose:  As the year has progressed, the need for two additional policies has arisen. It is believed that these were both at one time in the handbook but have been left out or forgotten at some point.  

Supporting Documents:




Recommendation: To approve the addition of the Head Lice and Toilet Training Policies to the Parent/Student Handbook.


7.05    Review the Food Service Management Company (FSMC) Monitoring Form  (D)

Purpose: To review and discuss the FSMC evaluation

Background: Schools contracting with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC) must monitor the operation of the FSMC by conducting on-site visits and completing the Kansas Food Service Management (FSMC) Monitoring Form, Form 14-A, in order to ensure that the FSMC complies with the contract and any other applicable Federal, State, and local rules and regulations.  The monitoring form 14-A is to be completed for each food service site at least two (2) times per school year. Schools must maintain documentation of monitoring and whether or not corrective action was taken for review or audit.   

Supporting Documents:   

FSMC Monitoring Form – JSH

FSMC Monitoring Form – Elem

FSMC Committee Mtg Minutes

Recommendation:  To review and discuss the FSMC Form.


7.06     Bids for Concrete ramp for Elementary Dumpster (A)

Purpose: To review bids to have a ramp built for the Elementary Dumpster

Background: Lifting a full trash can to the top of the dumpster is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for one person to do.  With only one custodian on duty at each building it would be beneficial to install a ramp leading up to the dumpster to reduce the distance that the cans have to be lifted.  This is how the JSH dumpster is and it enables a single person to dump the trash.  

Supporting Document:

Bid Sheet

Spec Sheet

Recommendation: To accept the bid from Martin Construction for $4745.00 to build a ramp for the Elementary dumpster.


7.07   Adjustment of the Calendar (D/A)

Purpose: To discuss changing January 3rd from a work day to a Professional Development day. 

Background:  December 21 and January 3 are scheduled to be work days on the adopted calendar. The master agreement only requires one work day at the end of each semester. It would be beneficial to change January 3 to a professional development day. 

Reccommendation:  To amend the adopted calender by making January 3rd a professional development day instead of at work day. 


 7.08   Boardsmanship Workshop (D/A)

Purpose:  To discuss having KASB conduct a Boardsmanship workshop for the entire board.

Background:  With almost half of the board members being new beginning in January, it would be nice to go through boardsmanship training as a group.  KASB is tentatively scheduled to conduct this here on January 29 at 6:00pm.We need to declare this as a special board meeting in order to meet together for this training. 

Recommendation:  To add a special board meeting to the calendar on January 29 at 6pm for Boardsmanship Training. 


8.0 Executive Session


Recommendation (15 minutes): To go into executive session to discuss non-elected personnel matters pursuant to the non-elected personnel exception under KOMA, and the open meeting will resume in the boardroom at_______.

8.02  Executive Session – Student Matters (A)

Recommendation ( 10 Minutes): Move to go into executive session to discuss student matters pursuant to the exception relating to action adversely or favorably affecting a student under KOMA, and the open meeting will resume in the boardroom at _________.

9.0  Action following Executive Session

9.01   Adjourn