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Social Studies Outcomes

By the end of 5th grade, your child will be able to:


 *Identify founding fathers.

 *​Explain the functions of the three branches of federal  government: legislative, executive, and  judicial. 

  *Understand supply and demand and how these effect prices.

   *Determine the costs and benefits of a spending, saving, or borrowing decision.​        *Locate major physical and political features of  Earth from memory: Boston, Philadelphia, England, France, Italy, Spain, North America, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean.

​  *Explain how various American Indians adapted to their environment in relationship to shelter and food.

   *Describe political and economic structures in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

​   *Describe the causes of the American Revolution: Proclamation of 1763, Intolerable Acts, Stamp Act, Taxation Without Representation.

  *Describe how the Constitutional Convention led to  the creation of the United States Constitution.

​   *Use historical timelines to trace the cause and effect  relationships between events in different places during the same time period, for example, Colonial  America and England.