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Board Goals and Focus Areas


The Best Rural Public School District Anywhere

Goal 1: Academically Excellent Rural Community School District – A World Class Public School Experience for All Students

  • We will achieve and measure the academic success of our students by meeting all AMOs.

  • We will achieve and measure the academic success of our students by exceeding the state average on the ACT exam in all areas of measurement.

  • We will achieve a graduation rate of 95% or better.

  • We will properly promote and recognize the academic achievement of our students through opportunities such as academic assemblies, letters on behalf of the board acknowledging accomplishments, and displaying awards.

  • We will develop and enhance key areas of service and support for our students as it relates to their academic, social, and emotional needs.

  • We will embrace model teaching practices and research-based learning.

  • We will develop and implement individual plans of study for each student, grade six and above, to ensure the students are well prepared for college, work, and beyond.


Goal 2: A Thriving and Sustainable Rural Community School District

  • We will strive to retain and recruit excellence in teaching staff, support staff, and coaches by providing quality facilities and competitive compensation and benefits.

  • We will review and strengthen home to school relations by maintaining strong lines of communication and promoting and encouraging parent involvement.

  • We will develop partnerships with area colleges to promote student teaching internship opportunities as a means for attracting quality teaching candidates to our district..

  • We will implement high school pathways options that integrate preparation for career technical education and higher education.

  • We will provide an infusion of education technology into classrooms and schools

  • We will promote and develop a collective efficacy for integrity and professionalism based on our agreed upon beliefs and core values.

  • We will properly promote and recognize the accomplishments of our teachers and support staff through opportunities such as weekly notes, letters of appreciation, letters of accommodation, etc


Goal 3: Innovative 21st Century Rural Community School District

  • We will research and consider alternative structures to the school day and calendar year designed to improve student learning by eliminating mandated seat time, traditional class periods, and the 180 day school year.

  • We will continue to enhance our marketing, communications and promotions plans for all programs, as well as our academic accomplishments.

  • We will develop and put into place high-quality formative assessments at all grade levels

  • We will implement educator evaluation systems that are based on multiple, valid measures of performance and are used to improve educators’ practice through use of professional development systems that are job-embedded, aligned and research-based

  • We will utilize longitudinal data systems that assist in determining students’ instructional and other needs


Goal 4:  Safe and Efficient Rural Community School District

  • We will develop a master facilities plan detailing short and long term goals.

  • We will ensure a process for a balanced budget and prudent financial decision-making through transparency, financial audits and consistently pursuing cost-savings opportunities with a goal of building and maintaining a contingency operating reserve of 10 percent and a capital outlay fund balance of $800,000.

  • We will conduct annual safety reviews of all facilities and equipment and develop plans for improvement.

  • We will develop an ADA plan of improvement which outlines and addresses all non-compliant issues.

  • We will continue to develop and enhance our employees through high-quality training opportunities in school safety and security.

  • We will continue conducting background checks on all personnel prior to employment.