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The Talking Tiger Forensics team competed at the Troy HS forensics tournament on Saturday, April 5, 2014. All team members competed very well, helping the Tigers place 2nd in Sweepstakes.

Congratulations to the Tigers who placed in finals:

• Kendra Rodecap: 6th place, Extemporaneous Speaking

• Katie Barnes: 4th place, Humorous Solo Acting

• Katie Barnes & Aiden O'Brien: 4th place, Improvised Duet Acting

• Caleb Miller & Angelito Dela Cruz: 3rd place, Duet Acting

• Connor Hulett: 2nd place, Extemporaneous Speaking

• Christian Cooper & Presley Rodecap: 2nd place, Improvised Duet Acting and 4th place, Duet Acting

• Caleb Miller: 2nd place, Prose Interpretation

• Angelito dela Cruz: 2nd place, Poetry Interpretation

• Noll Arnau: 1st place Serious Solo Acting

Connor in Extemp, Noll in Serious Solo, Angelito in Poetry and Christian & Presley in IDA qualified in Informative for the 3A State Championships in May.

Katie in Humorous Solo & Katie and Aiden in IDA qualified for State Festival.

The Talking Tigers will finish the regular forensics season at Nemaha Valley HS and Regional Festival on April 12, 2014.



Student results from Regional Music Festival held at Benedictine College this past Saturday, March 29.

Students with "I" ratings will compete at State Music at Southeast of Saline, Gypsum, on Saturday, April 26.

I ratings - 

Christian Cooper - vocal solo

Christian Cooper - alto sax solo

Soundmaster Mixed Ensemble

Soundmaster Boys Ensemble

Brass Ensemble

Saxophone Trio

Jeremy Lutz- trombone solo

Katie Barnes - clarinet solo

Presley Rodecap - alto sax solo

II ratings -

Woodwind quartet

Trumpet quartet

Andrew Miller - vocal solo

Katie Barnes - vocal solo

Bailey Buttron - vocal solo

Bailey Freeborn - vocal solo

Connor Hulett - trombone solo

Gyluss Hutchens - trumpet solo

Morgan Martin - vocal solo

Sax quartet

Blair Fowler - vocal solo

Presley Rodecap - vocal solo

Connor Hulett - vocal solo



Meet our February Educator of the Month, Angie Kimmi.  Mrs. Kimmi teaches nearly all of the JH Students in their math classes and teaches Algebra II in the High School.  Mrs. Kimmi works with every student regardless of their ability.  She pushes students to try and will work with them until their work is finished.  She never gives up and she never gives in. She loves math and she loves to teach math to students.   



Noelle Walters, January Teacher of the Month

Meet our January Teacher of the Month, Noelle Walters.  Noelle teaches the Life Sciences in the High School including Biology, Advanced Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology.  Noelle takes on many other responsibilities at the school as the sponsor of the High School Student Council, Drama, and Forensics team.  She spendless countless hours with students during the school day and during many after school activities. 



Submitted by Katie Barnes, Senior
On March 13th, the ACCHS math club celebrated Pi Day, an annual celebration commemorating the Greek letter and mathematical constant π with ACCHJSHS seventh graders.
Students were welcomed by Math Club President Kiley Warriner and Sponsor Mrs. Kramer. Students were then led through five different stations each with a fun Pi Day activity. 
Senior math club member Christian Cooper led the Computing Pi Station where students had the opportunity to measure a variety of circular objects and find the ratio of the object's circumference to its
diameter. Gracie Goodman was the winning seventh grader, calculating the ratio closest to Pi.
Math Club Secretary Katie Barnes led the Memorizing Pi Station where each student was challenged to memorize as many digits of the never-ending number as he or she could. Katherine Postma swept the competition, reciting a whopping thirty-six digits.
Senior Connor Hulett led the Singing About Pi group where students sang fun songs about the constant. Presley Rodecap assisted on electric guitar. Connor says the student's overall favorite song was "We Wish You a Happy Pi Day".
Senior Morgan Martin led the Pi Posters station where students created a piece of artwork highlighting Pi. Evan Ricketts' "Pi Parade" poster was chosen as the math club favorite.
Math Club Treasurer Tannah Ernzen and senior member Leah Scholz led the Eating Pi and History of Pi station where students could enjoy eating "Pi" while becoming more familiar with the history of the number.
At the end of the day, President Kiley Warriner and Vice President Bridgett Kelley led the closing awards ceremony and prizes were awarded to each contest winner. The seventh grade class enjoyed the afternoon and left with a greater knowledge of the number Pi.


While students will continue to take the assessments using a computer, the assessments will look different and will be aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards.

Dr. Diane DeBacker, Commissioner of Education for the Kansas Department of Education, addresses parents with information about the upcoming state assessments that will begin throughout the state on March 10, 2014.  Read Dr. DeBacker's letter: http://www.ksde.org/Portals/0/CSAS/CSAS%20Home/Assessments/Parent%20Assessment%20Letter%20March%202014%20(2).pdf

The ACCJSH assessment schedule is posted here:  


  • March – May                     Special Populations
  • March 25, 26                     HS Reading (10th Grade)
  • April 1, 2                            JH Math (7th and 8th Grade)
  • April 8, 9, 10, 11                HS Math (10th Grade and OTL from 11th Grade
  • April 10 & April 15             JH Reading (7th and 8th Grade)
  • April 15                             HS Physical Science (11th Grade)
  • April 24, 25                       JH Science (7th Grade)
  • April 24, 25                        HS Reading (OTL from 11th grade)
  • April 28-May 2                   Make Up tests


A 43 year-old Kansas tradition that recognizes academic excellence throughout Kansas


Congratulations to the students recognized by the University of Kansas as being in the top 10% of their 2014 graduating class:

Bridget Kelly, Morgan Martin, Tannah Ernzen, Andrew Miller, Kiley Warriner, Ashley Chalfant, Katie Barnes

Jr Sr High Announcements
HS Student Council & Class Officer Elections

Applications for 2014-15 HS Student Council Executive Board Officers and 2014-15 HS Class Officers are now available in the JSH Office. Any eligible and interested 8th-11th grade student is encouraged to run for a class or executive board office. Forms are due back to Mrs. Walters by the end of school Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Talent Show Contest

Groups or individuals wishing to participate in the 2014 ACCJSHS Talent Show must pay an entry fee. The fee is $3 per person, or $15 for groups larger than five people. Applications may be picked up in the office and are due May 1, 2014. Please return the forms and money to Mrs. Walters by that date. Anticipated date of the Talent Show is May 10 from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Auditorium.


Any sophomore or junior planning to take ANY college classes next year must fill out the "Highland Community College 'ASSET Test' form that was sent to their school e-mail. Deadline to sign up is April 24!'

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Upcoming Events


SH STUCO 2014-15 Election Applications Due
for Current 8th Grade thru 11th Grade
Junior Class - District ACT Test
08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Effingham Blue Building

Scheduled by JSH Counselor
Math Club Meeting
2:55 PM to 3:15 PM
JSH - Room 107

Scheduled by Mrs. Kramer
Sophomore Class Review PLAN Test
2:55 PM to 3:15 PM
JSH Auditorium
BSB Practice
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
ES Gym or Field
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Softball Practice
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
JSH Gym/Softball Field
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JH Track @Sabetha Invitational
1:00 PM
1011 Blue Jay Dr
Sabetha, KS
Dismiss: 11:15 am, Depart: 11:30 pm, Return: 7:30 pm
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Grades 8 - 11 Class Meetings
3:00 PM to 3:15 PM
Class officer candidates to speak with individual classes about their desire to hold office/why they should be elected.
Softball Practice
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
JSH Gym/Softball Field
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JSH Academic Assistance
3:45 PM to 5:15 PM
JSH Library
BSB vs Riverside
4:30 PM
Tiger Sports Complex
Effingham, KS
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FCA Meeting
07:00 AM to 7:45 AM
JSH - Room 109

Scheduled by Mr. Smith



GSA Meeting
07:30 AM to 7:50 AM
JSH - Room 104
FFA Meeting
2:36 PM to 3:15 PM
JSH - Room 130
JH STUCO Meeting
2:36 PM to 3:15 PM
JSH - Room 127
BSB Practice
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
ES Gym or Field
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Softball Practice
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
JSH Gym/Softball Field
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JV SB vs Holton
4:30 PM
Tiger Sports Complex
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Mad Hatters TEE Party for PreK-8th grade
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
JSH Commons

Sponsored by JH STUCO

Cost is $3.00 per person to enter the Tee Party. The price includes: 1 snack & cup of (tea) punch, leisure activities, games, dancing, etc. An extra fee will be charged for items such as concession foods (nacho's, candy, popcorn, additional soda pop, etc). Everyone will also have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for various items.
Contact Deanna Scherer
School Phone:
913-833-2240 ext 225