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2014-15 Summer Reading

For the ACCJSH Summer Reading Program students have chosen from among several different titles at each grade level. After listening to book talks, students selected their top choices.

During the summer of 2014, students are expected to read their selected summer reading book. The day they return to school in August, they will be expected to have completed one of the summer reading activities of their choice (see below a sample of some of the choices available.  Students received a copy of their individual teacher’s expectations upon receiving the summer reading book).  Students should bring their completed activity with them on the first day of school. The summer reading activity will be the first assignment of the 2014-15 school year.  

A sampling of the summer reading activity options are listed below:

  1. Collage: On a full sheet of poster board, make a collage that represents a theme, a character, or an event in the story (or some combination of these). The collage should have attached to it a typed explanation of the theme, character, or event that you have visually presented in your collage justifying the selection of images you included and how they are connected to the novel. 
  2. Novel Soundtrack: Make a CD of at least 5 songs that represent themes, characters, and/or events in the story. Make a cover for the CD. Then, attach to it a typed explanation of the relationship between each song and the novel (one paragraph per song). It should be evident from your explanations that you have read and fully understand the novel and are able to connect its themes, characters, and events to your selected song lyrics.
  3. Poetry 1: Write at least three short poems or one long poem, in the form of your choosing, about the story, a theme from the story, or one or more of the characters. The poem can be told from a narrator of your own creation, or it can be told from the perspective of one of the characters. Attach to it a typed explanation of how your poems are connected to the story. You will be required to read to the class at least one of the poems (20 lines per short poem/ 50+ lines for the long poem).
  4. Poetry 2: Find a poem that shares a theme with your novel. Memorize the poemPerform the poem in front of the class with the appropriate tone and expression. Then write and type an explanation of how the poem is connected to the book. Recitation dates will be discussed upon our return to school.
  5. Book Jacket: Design a book jacket that includes images based on your interpretation of the important themes, symbols, characters and events from the novel. The book jacket must cover a full sheet of poster board (you may fold it in half to give the impression of a front and a back of the book jacket) and must carry a look of professionalism. Write and type a justification of your selection and implementation of each part of your new book cover.  Your paper should include well-written paragraphs that specifically address how and why each image is employed.
  6. OPEN: Come up with an idea that allows you to create something new (piece of writing, artwork, media) and requires about the same amount of work as the projects above. Then get teacher permission to do it before you begin. You may email your teacher to get permission:            teacherlastname.teacherfirstname@usd377.org


All of the summer reading activities seek evidence that the student has read the book and that they understand its message(s), theme(s), and plot.


  • All written work should include well-written paragraphs that specifically address the chosen topic and must be written in MLA format (one- inch margins, double spaced with no extra space between paragraphs, heading on the left, no larger than 12 pt. font).
  • Everyone will give a short presentation of his/her project (not all presentations will be given on the first day).
Jr Sr High Announcements
Sophomore Class Rings

Any Sophomore who didn't receive a class ring packet should pick up one in the office. Ring orders will be picked up on Wednesday, September 3, during PAWS.

Tiger Booster Club Meeting

Wednesday, September 10, 6:00 in the JSHS Commons. All supporters of ACCJSHS students are encouraged to become part of the Tiger Booster Club. Booster Club is in the process or reorganizing and would like as much participation from supporters as possible. This may mean volunteering to bake cookies, work a dinner, make posters or design t-shirts. Opportunities are endless! For additional information contact Alison Ostertag at ostertag.alison@usd377.org. Like our Facebook Page - Atchison County Community Booster Club or follow us on Twitter - @ACCJSHSBoosters.

Lancaster Community Blood Drive

The Lancaster Community Blood Drive will be held Monday, September 15, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Lancaster City Hall, 301 Kansas Street, Lancaters, KS. Forms may be picked up in the office. A signed consent of parent/guardian is required until the donor reaches the age of 17. A photo ID and proof of age are required for high school donors.

Open Wide Dental Hygiene Program

Teachers recently distributed Open Wide Dental Hygiene Program forms during PAWS. If your student did not bring one home and you are interested in this program, please call the office at 913-833-2240. If you are not interested in the program there is no need to return the form.

If your child is enrolled with KanCare (Dentaquest, Sunflower, United Healthcare) he/she may be eligible to receive a dental cleaning, fluoride, sealants, temporary fillings, and/or simple extraction of baby teeth at the school.

The State of Kansas and the Open Wide Dental Hygiene Program are dedicated to improving oral health by offering outreach dental services to students. After treatment, parents will receive a report stating what services were provided along with a dental referral if needed. Information will be utilized anonymously for statistical purposes and information that identifies a child or family will never be disclosed in any form or publication.

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