Contact Us

Contact Us

District Administration Center

306 Main Street
Effingham, Kansas
(913) 833-5050 FAX (913) 833-5210


Steve Wiseman, Superintendent of Schools 

Megan Gracey, Business Manager/Board Clerk 

Kathy Enzbrenner, District Communications/Accounts Payable 

Jeff Henning, Transportation Director

Theresa Cattrell, Food Service Director

Dan Coder, Facilities and Maintenance Director

Kristi Wiseman, Technology Director

Joshua Snyder, Elementary Assistant Principal


Questions about.....

Substitute Teaching?  or Facility Use?  Contact Bev Jeffrey at (913) 833-2240

Free or Reduced Meals?  Food Service Program?  Contact Theresa Cattrell (913) 833-5050

Technology?  Contact Kristi Wiseman (913) 833-5050 

Copy Center?  Contact Kathy Enzbrenner at (913) 833-5050

Transportation? Contact Jeff Henning at (913) 833-5050

Custodial/Maintenance? Contact Dan Coder at (913) 833-5050 or (913) 370-1568


Renewing or upgrading your teaching license?  Contact Kathy Enzbrenner at (913) 833-5050

For general questions, contact the District Office, (913) 833-5050


Atchison County Community Junior-Senior High School

908 Tiger Road
Effingham, KS 66023
Phone: 913-833-2240


Atchison County Community Elementary School

607 8th St
Effingham, KS 66023

Phone: 913-833-4420